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Why is NCMC conducting this campaign?
North Central Missouri College is an extremely cost-efficient college; however, income from state tax dollars has not kept pace with the need to add technical programs in allied health and life science fields, provide assistance to increase student access to college through endowed scholarships and expand the College’s facilities to meet the needs of current and future students. Shrinking state budgets require that the College turn to the community for support to improve and flourish as a first-rate community college.
Who is conducting the campaign?
North Central Missouri College Foundation, Inc. and its Development office are conducting this campaign with external counsel from the Clements Group, LLC. The Clements Group specializes in community college projects and has successfully helped approximately 200 community colleges across the United States.
What is the Foundation?
The NCMC Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1986 as a tax-exempt non-profit organization to raise money to advance, encourage, assist and support the growth and development of the College in whatever ways are beneficial to its student body, its faculty and its administrators.
As a tax-assisted college, why does NCMC need to raise private dollars?
NCMC is tax assisted, not tax supported. As a percentage of total revenue, state assistance has declined from 20% in 2003 to 16% in 2004. Annual assistance from the state does not cover increased operating costs, let alone provide support for campaign initiatives.
Why not just raise tuition and fees?
Various state rankings place the Missouri community colleges average tuition midway among all community colleges in the United States. Each year, as tuition and fees increase, more students will find they cannot afford to enroll at NCMC.
How much money is the Campaign trying to raise?
Based on the findings of a recent feasibility study, the Clements Group recommended that North Central Missouri College initiate a major gifts campaign for a goal of $5 to $6 million in cash and three to five year pledges.
Will any of my donation go toward campaign costs?
No! One hundred percent of your contribution will go to the area you designate. All administrative costs for the Invest in the Vision campaign have been funded through a generous gift from the Betty Frances Hall Estate.
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