mwilson “A+ was a huge factor in deciding where to go to college. It’s one of the main reasons I chose to come to NCMC. I didn’t want to have to worry about paying for my first two years of college tuition. It helped me and my family out a lot.” –Monica Wilson-2010 Graduate of NCMC


klarson“I played basketball at NCMC and I didn’t have time to have a job while I was participating in a sport and taking classes. A+ helped me pay my tuition and stay out of debt so I could continue playing basketball in college.” –Kyle Larson-2009 Graduate of NCMC



chart “A+ was a great benefit to attending NCMC. It was nice to have extra help on paying for my tuition for my first two years of college.” –Christy Hart-2010 Graduate of NCMC




mthogmartin”When looking at colleges and seeing how expensive it was, A+ was a great opportunity to get an education at NCMC without the worry of college tuition. It provided a foundation for me to further my education without the hassle of an insurmountable amount of debt.” –Michael Thogmartin-2011 Graduate of NCMC