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Faculty Resources 

NCMC Institutional Information

This webpage is designed to provide NCMC adjunct faculty with access to general institutional information. The site is not designed to answer all questions related to information an adjunct faculty member is expected to know as an employee, rather, to highlight important information and provide a quick reference to important areas of operation. The Deans of Instruction or Dean of Allied Health and Nursing are an adjunct faculty member’s best direct source of information; however, the Adjunct/Faculty Handbook is available to provide specific answers to questions from grading policies to emergency procedure policies. As a condition of employment, NCMC adjunct/ faculty are to review and understand this document.

Click here to view the Full-Time/Adjunct Faculty Handbook.

Annual Adjunct Instructor Meeting

At the beginning of every fall semester adjunct faculty are required to attend an evening in-service meeting (dates found in the NCMC catalog). If an adjunct faculty member cannot attend the mandatory meeting, it is his/her responsibility to contact the Dean of Instruction’s office at: sweiser@mail.ncmissouri.edu or 660-359-3948 ext. 1300 to set up an alternative time to review information.

Class Syllabus

The form and form tip sheet are available at the following links: Class Syllabus Template

Library Orientation

Faculty Library Orientation is available at: https://tegr.it/y/1gaxi

Campus Directory

All faculty and staff phone and office numbers are available through the campus directory located on the NCMC website: Campus Directory

Emergency Procedures

All adjunct instructors are required to be familiar with emergency procedures on the NCMC campus and off-campus locations. Emergency information is posted in each room on the main campus. The main campus crisis plan is also available at the following website: Emergency Procedures


The Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in support of NCMC. The two main areas of focus for Foundation support are student scholarships and enhancements of academic programs. This link displays the Foundation webpage: NCMC Foundation


NCMC offers several scholarships for qualified students and scholarship descriptions are available at the following link: NCMC Scholarships


Upon employment, faculty members must fill out and sign appropriate documents to receive pay. Questions regarding payroll should be directed to Accounts Payable Officer at hcooksey@mail.ncmissouri.edu or 660-359-3948 ext. 1512. More information may be found at the Business Office Section on the NCMC Intranet.

Policies and Manuals

NCMC Board Manual, Faculty Manual, and Student Handbooks are available to all faculty and staff on line through the Faculty/Staff Portal. 


NCMC uses SAIL as a tool for students and faculty to access enrollment verification, grades, financial aid and other important information. SAIL may only be accessed with an assigned login and password issued to each faculty member and student upon enrollment. Instructions for using SAIL may be found by accessing SAIL Instructions on the NCMC website.

Information Technology

For assistance in troubleshooting a problem with the instructor's computer in the classroom, IT provides assistance with technology to enhance classroom instruction. Help is available at the IT HelpDesk web page or by calling extension 1214.

Computer and Web Policy Information

NCMC encourages all faculty to provide current information in their classes. Technology has become an integral part of instruction to reach this goal. However, the College must maintain strict policies to ensure the legality of this use. If you have questions regarding the Acceptable Use Policy of technology contact abarnett@mail.ncmissouri.edu.


NCMC utilizes a course management system known as BlackBoard that allows students 24/7 access to their courses. BlackBoard can be utilized by on-ground as well as Distance Learning faculty and students. Many instructors use BlackBoard as a supplement to on-ground courses and as an attendance tool to meet Title IV attendance requirements. Access to BlackBoard information can be accessed at the following link: BlackBoard Information

Assessment at NCMC

Student and institutional assessment is an important part of NCMC’s Strategic Planning.  Assessment is a requirement of the Higher Learning Commission for successful accreditation of NCMC. Information regarding the assessment from basic objectives of a program to posting of results are available online at the NCMC Assessment web site. The site also includes the methods required each semester to provide formative and summative data.


Campus Resources 

Academic Resource Center

NCMC students can find free help in Barnes Hall at the ARC for most of their academic needs.  The ARC is managed by both faculty members and qualified students, who are ready and willing to help in many subjects areas whether students are struggling in specific classes, just want to main current learning, or area just looking for a place to study. More information may be found at:  NCMC Academic Resource Center

Students with Disabilities

Some NCMC students need specialized help and NCMC provides assistance based on the requirements of Section 504. Students must provide official documentation of the need for assistance. The Disability Support Services Office provides information about requesting any of the specific assistance available to these students. Services vary from specialized classroom seating to adaptive computer technology depending on the official documentation of a disability. Specific questions should be address to mpester@mail.ncmissouri.edu and more information is available on the NCMC website: Disability Support Services.

Testing Center

Located in the Academic Resource Center, the Testing Center provides an individual testing environment for students who need to take a makeup exam. It is critical to provide this service in a student-friendly, yet secure, environment. The Testing Center provides specific instructions for faculty to request and take advantages of their services at this link: Testing Center

North Central Missouri College is an open-door institution which means some students may require additional help in preparing for college-level coursework. The Tutoring Services link provides information about the type of tutoring available, where it is available, and steps to follow to for receiving tutoring. More information may be found by contacting ttotten@mail.ncmissouri.edu or accessing the ARC link: Tutoring Information