Employee Directory

First Name Last Name Job Title Extention
Barbara Alden Director of Business 1503
Kristen Alley Dean of Student Affairs 1400
Carmen Austin Upward Bound Program Coordinator 1353
Damon Bach History/National Government 1315
Alan Barnett Chief Information Officer 1210
Johannah Baugher Education/English 1349
Whitney Bingham Student Accounts 1508
Sarah Bird Business Management 1304
Sarah Bonnett Custodian Selby, Frey, ASC 1522
Bookstore Bookstore Bookstore 1516
Gary Boyle Custodial Services 1520
Linda Brown Registrar 1205
Ashlea Buntin Associate Director of Financial Aid 1417
Beth Caldarello Librarian 1322
John Campbell Physical Plant Staff 1514
Tami Campbell Database Admin 1219
Amy Carr Residence Life Coordinator/Assistant Women’s Softball Coach 1480
Shellee Castanada Library Assistant 1335
Kelly Claycomb Level 1 Nursing 1312
Lesli Collins KCC/Assistant Women’s Basketball 1450
Hilary Cooksey Accounts Payable Officer/Payroll 1512
Cory Cooksey Business Technology 1319
Ronda Copple Accounting Instructor 1320
Missie Cotton Business Technology 1323
Linda Cowling English Instructor 1324
Jordan Cox Cashier/Financial Aid 1513
Beth Crawford Level I Nursing Site Coordinator–Bethany 1905
Kristie Cross Director of Admissions 1416
Teresa Cross Development Director 1403
Jennifer Croy Women’s Basketball Coach 1456
Jamie Cunningham Admissions Recruiter 1414
Kristi Cutsinger Program Coordinator of Health Sciences 1284
Marcie Cutsinger Trio Director 1348
Stefanie Dowell Admin Asst. of DOI & VP of ISS 1301
Jeremy Esry KCC/Head Men’s Basketball 1450
Linda Flentje SSS Program Coordinator 1356
Nathan Gamet KCC Facilities Manager 1455
Lisa Geiser Database Administrator 1223
Jeff Grell Chemistry Instructor 1307
Denise Guile Bookstore Asst. Manager 1507
Amy Guthrie English Instructor 1317
Jeffrey Hale Lead Custodian 1510
Maryellen Harman History 1343
Kristi Harris Executive Staff Assistant/Public Relations Director 1203
Jason Helton Coord./Federal Programs 1278
Donnie Hillerman Residence Life Director/Baseball Coach 1412
Lori Holder MoSTEMWINs Recruitment and Retention Specialist 1360
Rickiann Hoskins PC Specialist II 1311
Brandon Huffman PC Specialist II 1211
Rustin Jumps Ag Instructor 1336
Tricia Key Development Assistant 1415
Lenny Klaver President 1200
Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance 1514
Cecilia Marsh Bookstore Manager 1505
Nathan Marsh Network Administrator 1216
Brooke McAtee Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences 1310
Heather McCollum UB Academic Advisor 1338
Kimberly Meeker Financial Aid Director 1406
Jayne Meservey Library Assistant 1325
Marie Moulin Advisor/Records Assistant 1404
Sue Nichols Maryville RN Campus 1903
Tara Noah Institutional Research Analyst 1218
Jim Norris Art Instructor 1345
Traci Norris MoSTEMWINS Program Coordinator 1351
Jaimee Norton Nursing Faculty 1903
David Nowland Agriculture & Natural Resources 1314
Susanne Nuttall Northwest Instructor 1801
Joni Oaks Assistant Registrar 1206
Mike O’Neal Custodial Services 1509
Lindsay Oram Psychology Instructor 1326
Lindsay Oram Psychology Instructor 1326
Tyson Otto Chief Business Officer 1500
Brittany Page English Instructor 1305
Eric Penrod Residence Life Coordinator/Assistant Coach 1470
Megan Pester Advising Coordinator/Accessibility Services 1405
Cindy Peterie Admissions Rep. 1410
Jaime Pittman Nursing Instructor 1342
Annette Pool Science Faculty 1308
Margaret Quinn CTE Recruiter and Retention Specialist 1359
Sarah Reeter Trio Administrative Assistant 1332
Steve Richman Athletic Director/Women’s Softball Coach 1409
Aimee Riley Maryville RN Campus 1900
Sharalyn Robinson Financial Aid Processor 1413
Stacey Russell SSS Academic Advisor 1346
Dennis Sager Life Sciences Chair/Instructor 1321
Craig Sager Marketing Specialist/Men’s Golf 1416
Lisa Schilling Level I Nursing Instructor 1309
Stan Scott Industrial Tech 1358
Deanna Scroggie Nursing Faculty 1902
Nicole Shell Student Services Coordinator 1418
Melissa Sims Accounting Assistant 1501
Korynn Skipper Level I Nursing Instructor–Trenton 1328
Jeff Smith Great Western Dining 1248
Noel Staddie Early Childhood Instructor 1331
Jenna Stevens Health Sciences Division Secretary 1316
Susan Stull Life Sciences Instructor 1303
Ryan Suttenfield Res. Life Coord. & Asst Coach 1470
Lola Swint Mathematics Chair/Instructor 1337
Tina Totten ARC Director 1334
Whitney Trump Coordinator Academic Support/Outreach 1318
Jenna Vandel Criminal Justice 1327
Bari VanDyke Maintenance 1514
Vicki Weaver Board Clerk 1502
Sharon Weiser Dean of Instruction/Interim VP 1300
Tracy Welch Math/Science Instructor 1340
Vel Westbrook Nursing Skills Lab Sup 1306
Lenny White Custodial 1521
Tammie Wiebers Speech Instructor 1339
Tocarra Williams TRIO Academic Advisor 1347
Sarah Williamson Financial Aid Representative 1402
Ryan Woodward Systems Administrator 1213
Rocel Wright Cashier 1411
Randy Young Physical Plant Director 1504