Admissions Deadlines

Fall 2018

Application deadline: Friday,August 3rd

Transcript deadline: Friday, August 10th

Classes begin: Monday, August 20th

Fall 2018 – Second Session

Application deadline: Friday, September 21st

Transcript deadline: Friday, September 28th

Classes begin: Monday, October 8th

Spring Intersession 2019

Application deadline: November 20th

Transcript deadline: November 27th

Classes begin: Friday, December 7th

Spring 2019

Application deadline: Friday, December 14th

Transcript deadline: Friday, December 21st

Classes begin: Monday, January 14th

Spring 2019 – second session

Application deadline: February 22nd

Transcript deadline: March 1st

Classes begin: March 11th

Summer Intersession 2019

Application deadline: April 26th

Transcript deadline: Friday, May 3rd

Classes begin: Friday, May 10th

Summer 2019

Application deadline: Friday, May 24th

Transcript deadline: Friday, May 31st

Classes begin: Monday, June 10th

*Application and transcript deadlines are on the date indicated at 4:00pm central time