First-time Freshman Student

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First-time college students must complete and submit a North Central Missouri College application for admission below. Students must also submit a transcript from an accredited or state-recognized high school, GED certificate, or certificate of completion and transcript from a homeschool program. In addition, students must submit transcripts from all prior institutions including where dual credit or dual enrollment credit may have been earned.

Step 1

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Apply for Admission

Visit your myCOMPASS account to check your admissions status.

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Important Dates

*Application and transcript deadlines are on the date indicated at 4:00pm central time

Spring Intersession

Application deadline: November 17th

Transcript deadline: November 27th

Classes begin: Friday, December 8th

Spring 2018

Application deadline: December 15th

Transcript deadline: December 22nd

Classes begin: Monday, January 8th

Spring 2018 2nd session

Application deadline: February 19th

Transcript deadline: February 26th

Classes begin: Monday, March 5th

Summer intersession

Application deadline: April 20th

Transcript deadline: April 27th

Classes begin: Friday, May 4th

Summer 2018

Application deadline: Mary 18th

Transcript deadline: May 25th

Classes begin: Monday, June 4th

Fall 2018

Application deadline: August 6th

Transcript deadline: August 13th

Classes begin: Monday, August 20th


Fall 2018 2nd session

Application deadline: September 24th

Transcript deadline: October 1st

Classes begin: Monday, October 8th

*Application and transcript deadlines are on the date indicated at 4:00pm central time

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