Visiting Student

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Visiting students must agree to the following:

•I must be a current student at another accredited college or university.

•I must provide an official transcript from my current institution.

•I will not repeat a course previously completed at another institution in which I earned a grade of A or B.

•Additional documentation may be required to meet course prerequisites(placement test scores, high school or other college transcripts)

•Visiting/Non-degree students are ineligible to receive the A+ Scholarship, Title IV Federal Aid, Missouri State Aid, and may be ineligible for other types of financial aid

Step 1

Apply for Admission

Visit your MyCompass account to check your admissions status.

The MyCompass tutorial can be found here.

Important Dates

*Application and transcript deadlines are on the date indicated at 4:00pm central time

Fall 2017 2nd Session
Classes begin: October 9, 2017
Application Deadline: September 22, 2017
Transcript Deadline: September 29, 2017
Spring 2017 Intersession
Classes begin: December 8, 2017
Application deadline: November 17, 2017
Transcript deadline: November 27, 2017
Spring 2018
Classes begin: January 8, 2017
Application deadline: December 15, 2017
Transcript deadline: December 22, 2017
Spring 2018 2nd session
Classes begin: March 5, 2017
Application deadline: February 19, 2017
Transcript deadline February 26, 2017