What’s Ahead


North Central Missouri College is entering the exciting world of eSports – organized multi-player video game competitions! The global audience for eSports numbers in the hundreds of millions, and communities around the country are building arenas to host eSports events. At the collegiate level, eSports was recently recognized by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and Missouri is a hotbed of activity for the sport, with ten Missouri schools already participating as members of the National Association of Collegiate eSports.

The college is actively recruiting a club team from current students, and investigating a transition to varsity competition as soon as Spring 2019. Eighteen students have shown interest, with eleven attending an informational meeting. At that meeting, an NCMC eSports club was organized and officers were elected. Matches can take place without the need for travel to another school, reducing the cost of operating a program. The primary equipment need is PC-style computers with higher end computers giving teams a competitive advantage, but the college is evaluating the possibility of beginning to participate in sanctioned events with current lab PC’s. The eSports team will likely start out by using a classroom for practice and competition, but several Missouri schools have recently made major investments in facilities that allow not only competitors but spectators.

Apprenticeship Program

North Central Missouri College and Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc. are partnering together on a new job training program! A recently announced registered apprenticeship program provides newly-hired Gray employees in St. Joseph with on-the-job skill training and college courses related to advanced manufacturing. The 18-month program has five apprentices in the field of welding and five apprentices in the field of CNC machining. Upon completion of the program all apprentices with passing marks will earn a Manufacturing Skills college certificate through NCMC and a full time position with Gray Manufacturing. “The team at Gray has really embraced the apprenticeship model for employee job training,” stated Jason Helton, Director of Business & Corporate Relations for NCMC. “This partnership is a unique way for the company to train their workforce to the specific skills they need and for the employees to learn the college coursework and earn various credentials.”

Gray students

Front row (left to right): Ivy Swift (welding), Kenya Henderson (CNC), Ethan Hawks (welding), Auston Henggeler (welding), Brody Redmond (welding)
Back row (left to right): Kyle Vest (CNC), Dakota Wilson (CNC), Tryston Guthrie (welding), Dillon Carter (CNC), Alex Heinrichs (CNC)

Meet Mitch Holder

Bringing everything full circle is why NCMC’s new Dean of Instruction Mitch Holder is excited to be in his new position. Mitch and his family have a long history with NCMC as students, alumni, and faculty. Mitch reminds us that starting small can lead to big things. Congratulations Mitch, we are excited to have you back on campus!
Mitch Holder

Why did you choose NCMC?

I chose NCMC because of the small class sizes and for the support systems in place as I transitioned to college. Additionally, I was an A+ student so utilizing this scholarship reduced my student loans by a substantial amount.

What do/did you like best about NCMC?

For me, NCMC offered a support system that increased my chance at academic success. It was important that my instructors knew me and was able to craft the learning that fit me. I didn’t want to be lost in the shuffle with a student-to-instructor ratio of 100:1. I’m very proud that NCMC offers a personalized learning environment where students can have positive relationships with their instructors, who are vested in their achievement.

Do you have any advice for current or prospective students?

I believe it is important for students to know their learning preferences. How do you need to be supported in order to succeed academically? Next, attending class is crucial. You wouldn’t buy a movie ticket and then not enter the theater to watch the movie. That’s the same for attending class in college. You’ve already paid the tuition, make sure you get your return on investment by attending class.

What was your first job after graduating or attending NCMC?

I worked at State Street Bank in Kansas City, MO. The team I worked with supported The Hartford’s mutual funds.

What do you like best about your current job?

I love seeing students discover their purpose in life through academics and career preparation. This drives my passion to lead our programs to make them the best they can possibly be.

What are you most proud of (personal or professional) and why?

Well, it starts with my family. My beautiful wife, Lori, and I have a 16-month old daughter named Remington Lou. We are also expecting our second child in late August. They are my pride and joy. Professionally, I’m proud every time I see former students who are on their journey in life. I enjoy seeing them striving to make a better life for themselves. Whether big or small, I hope I’ve made some type of positive impact that sticks with them throughout their life.

NCMC Foundation Scholarship Facts

  49 Total Scholarships

  • 40 Endowed Scholarships
  • 8 Athletic Scholarships
  • 6 Allied Health Scholarships
  • 5 Education Scholarships
  • 4 Agriculture Scholarships

  $150,000+ awarded during the 2017-2018 school year

  $30,000+ for Allied Health

  140 recipients during the 2017-2018 school year

  Opportunities for Freshman and Sophomores most are renewable for a second semester

  Gifts in Action has raised over $3.9 Million

    • Continued support to our Gifts in Action, annual scholarship campaign, assures the growth of endowed scholarship funds, thereby allowing current students and generations of future students to pursue their educational dreams.


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  Knowledge Fund has raised over $230,000. Our goal is to increase fund to $500,000 by 2020.

    • NCMC Foundation Knowledge Fund is our general scholarship fund that allows for a more diverse group of students to be eligible to receive a scholarship. Donations to the Knowledge Fund can be made in someone’s honor, memory or part of a yearly contribution. All donations to the Knowledge Fund are used for scholarships only, there are no administrative fees.


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NCMC Scholarship Reception

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Exploring new Academic, Co-Curricular, and Extra-Curricular Programs

As the campus explores possibilities for new housing as part of the NCMC Board’s charge to Dr. Lenny Klaver to increase enrollment, new programs are planned to be part of that process. With the opening of the North Belt Center (NBC) in Andrew County, three new academic programs are being offered: Associate degrees in Early Childhood Education and Behavioral Health Associate and an Agribusiness Certificate. Planning is underway for Trenton campus offerings in the form of certificate programs in Ag Mechanics and Livestock Management as well as Associate programs in Sport Management and Digital Media. Further, a few new twists have been added to the Industrial Maintenance Certificate and a new apprenticeship program with options in manufacturing, retail, and business are coming as revised and new programs this spring.

To provide students with a more full undergraduate experience, the administration is working on the addition of co-curricular programs in Music (vocal and instrumental) and Drama. These programs will offer students the ability to continue their interests and talents into college life much the way as students do in our athletics program. Regarding athletics, there may also be some expansion ahead for aspiring NCMC Pirates. With the addition of Men’s and Women’s golf last year, the athletic and campus administration is looking toward additional extracurricular sports programs. At this time, nothing is set in stone, but consideration is being given to men’s and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, women’s tennis, and cross country as well as a possible dance squad. Interest in these programs has resulted from prospective student interest indicated from Admissions Counselor visits to schools and college fairs in the region. For certain, NCMC is excited as we look ahead to our next phase of growth and expansion.

Looking into Housing Expansion

As North Central Missouri College grows in enrollment along with considering the aging status of current on-campus housing, Selby and Ellsworth Halls, NCMC administration has begun to explore possibilities for construction of a new residence hall(s). The initial consideration was one large 240-bed residence hall with student-center aspects such as campus dining and a new bookstore-campus shop. The result was considered to be too costly to pursue at present. In turn, a design was sought as a series of 45-bed buildings in a suite style setting which could, over time, be approximately the same regarding capacity. In the latter configuration, NCMC can build on an ‘as-needed’ basis and eventually replace Selby and Ellsworth as residence halls. A student-center type building may be in the longer range plans in the form of combining such with an array of student services and administrative offices. Over the course of the next year and financing planning researched, the campus should be positioned to move forward with the housing expansion plans.