What’s Ahead

Looking into Housing Expansion

As North Central Missouri College grows in enrollment along with considering the aging status of current on-campus housing, Selby and Ellsworth Halls, NCMC administration has begun to explore possibilities for construction of a new residence hall(s). The initial consideration was one large 240-bed residence hall with student-center aspects such as campus dining and a new bookstore-campus shop. The result was considered to be too costly to pursue at present. In turn, a design was sought as a series of 45-bed buildings in a suite style setting which could, over time, be approximately the same regarding capacity. In the latter configuration, NCMC can build on an ‘as-needed’ basis and eventually replace Selby and Ellsworth as residence halls. A student-center type building may be in the longer range plans in the form of combining such with an array of student services and administrative offices. Over the course of the next year and financing planning researched, the campus should be positioned to move forward with the housing expansion plans.