Math Lab

Math tutors are available during regular ARC hours- no appointment necessary.

Students now have THREE options to receive tutoring assistance if they are not able to visit our campus learning center for help with math and algebra:

  1. Dial-a-Math-Tutor at (660) 357-6374 (best for quick, simple questions). Please have your math problem in front of you when calling so that you can describe your problem to the tutor.
  2. Get assistance from a math tutor via email. Either snap a picture of the problem with your phone (best for paper/pencil problems) or screen capture an image (for students using computer software such as Hawkes or ConnectMath) and send the problems to a math tutor (, who will respond as quickly as possible during our regular hours of operation. You should receive an answer to your question within 24 hours (not including weekends). IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR COURSE NUMBER, SECTION NUMBER, AND PROBLEM NUMBER. If you find that you no longer need assistance before you receive a reply, please forward a copy of your sent email back to the math lab and add CANCEL to the subject line.
      • In addition to the information you provide in the subject line, the following information is also REQUIRED in order for tutors to respond to your request (please include in body of email):
      • Student Name
      • Student ID number
      • Instructor
  3. Make an appointment for a real-time online conference with a math tutor. Currently conference appointments are offered at limited times by calling (660) 357-6374 OR emailing If you are unable to attend an appointment you have already arranged, please contact us to cancel the appointment by either sending an email with “Cancel” in the subject line along with the course number, section number, and problem number or by calling (660) 357-6374.

We are currently use Zoom as our online conferencing platform, so you may want to visit the company’s website to find out more about how the conference may run on your computer:

Additional Math Lab Resources

  • The Math Lab also has many textbooks for all levels of math that can provide students with additional problems to work. These textbooks may be used only in the ARC.
  • Calculator guides are available for students who would like to learn more about the graphing calculator.
  • Also, answer keys for most of the current math textbooks are available for students to use with a tutor. These answer keys help students check their homework. Our tutors have access to these keys and are more than happy to check an answer for you.




Mathematics/Algebra Tutoring Help



ARC Online Math Lab available by appointment ONLY during regular ARC hours by calling: (660) 357-6374
Make an appointment to meet with a tutor online via web conference.

Contact Information

traci norris

Traci Norris

Math Lab Supervisor

Student Feedback

The ARC has improved my math abilities 100%.

The ARC saved my grade in College Algebra. Even if it’s only for a half-hour, I go EVERY DAY!

Passing College Algebra would have been impossible without help at the ARC.