Humanities and Fine Arts

State-Level Goal

To develop students’ understanding of the ways in which humans have addressed their condition through imaginative work in the humanities and fine arts; to deepen their understanding of how that imaginative process is informed and limited by social, cultural, linguistic, and historical circumstances; and to appreciate the world of the creative imagination as a form of knowledge.

Suggested Competencies

Students will demonstrate the ability to…

  1. describe the scope and variety of works in the humanities and fine arts (e.g., fine and performing arts, literature, speculative thought).
  2. explain the historical, cultural, and social contexts of the humanities and fine arts.
  3. identify the aesthetic standards used to make critical judgments in various artistic fields.s and processes other than one’s own.
  4. develop a plausible understanding of the differences and relationships between formal and popular culture.
  5. articulate a response based upon aesthetic standards to observance of works in the humanities and fine arts.