Social and Behavioral Sciences

State-Level Goal

To develop students’ understanding of themselves and the world around them through study of content and the processes used by historians and social and behavioral scientists to discover, describe, explain, and predict human behavior and social systems. Students must understand the diversities and complexities of the cultural and social world, past and present, and come to an informed sense of self and others. (Students must fulfill the state statute requirements for the United States and Missouri constitutions.)

Suggested Competencies

Students will demonstrate the ability to…

  1. explain social institutions, structures, and processes across a range of historical periods and cultures.
  2. develop and communicate hypothetical explanations for individual human behavior within the large-scale historical and social context.
  3. draw on history and the social sciences to evaluate contemporary problems.
  4. describe and analytically compare social, cultural, and historical settings and processes other than one’s own.
  5. articulate the interconnectedness of people and places around the globe.
  6. describe and explain the constitutions of the United States and Missouri .