State-Level Goal

To develop students’ abilities to understand the moral and ethical values of a diverse society and to understand that many courses of action are guided by value judgments about the way things ought to be. Students should be able to make informed decisions through identifying personal values and the values of others and through understanding how such values develop. They should be able to analyze the ethical implications of choices made on the basis of these values.

Suggested Competencies

Students will demonstrate the ability to…

  1. compare and contrast historical and cultural ethical perspectives and belief systems.
  2. utilize cultural, behavioral, and historical knowledge to clarify and articulate a personal value system.
  3. recognize the ramifications of one’s value decisions on self and others.
  4. recognize conflicts within and between value systems and recognize and analyze ethical issues as they arise in a variety of contexts.
  5. consider multiple perspectives, recognize biases, deal with ambiguity, and take a reasonable position.