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January 4, 2018




Friday, January 19, 2018
Show “Texting Service Bid Response” on Response Envelope/Package


North Central Missouri College
Attn: Tyson Otto
1301 Main Street
Trenton, Mo 64683



North Central Missouri College (NCMC) is community is a 2 year institution with a student population of 1800. NCMC is soliciting proposals for a text messaging system campus wide. The text messaging system should be efficient and capable of supporting mass text communications.
NCMC is an institution of higher education located at 1301 Main Street in Trenton, Mo. NCMC desires to engage the services of an outside vendor as an independent Contractor (not as an employee) to provide these services to the College. The selected contractor must demonstrate competence in providing these services and must have the qualifications necessary to perform the services outlined in this RFP.
The services will be provided in accordance with the terms, conditions, requirements, and specifications set forth in this RFP. Specifications are set forth as an attachment to this RFP and will become a part of the contract as if written herein. This RFP provides sufficient information for interested parties to prepare and submit proposals for consideration by the College.


The text messaging provider should be able to provide the software for one (1) year (“initial term”) from the effective award date, including technical support for the contracted time. After the initial year, license/term may be renewed for additional one-year periods (“renewal terms”) upon mutual agreement. Such renewal terms shall not exceed ten (10) years from the initial term.


SERVICE REQUIREMENTS: Services shall include, but are not limited to, the requirements contained in this RFP. Services set forth that contain the words “must” or “shall” are mandatory and must be provided as specified with no alteration, modification, or exception. Services set forth that contain the words “may” or “can” allow Respondents to offer alternatives to the manner in which the services are provided. The requested services and corresponding deliverables are as follows:


North Central Missouri College is seeking proposals for implantation of a text messaging system to provide to our campus.
The main objective of this RFP is to obtain a solution to enhance mass communications with prospective and current students and to increase employee productivity. Additionally, the proposed solution/system should address issues with text message distribution, administrative control of message content, and the office’s ability to respond to prospective student concerns in real time. The implementation of a new text messaging system will provide the college with more precise knowledge of prospective student interest, recruiter accountability, the effectiveness of immediate communications, as well as the effectiveness of text messages as a medium for recruitment.


The text message software should be able to:

  • Use Cloud-based data hosting services.
  • Handle data imports to add or change contact information through SQL Database or csv/excel file
  • Support Active Directory Single Sign On or LDAP.
  • Allow scheduling permissions for the college administrators to schedule mass text campaigns; i.e. be client- managed.
  • Use a multi administrative levels.
  • Ability to store an unlimited amount of different contact numbers.
  • Ability to set up recurring notifications.
  • Ability to schedule notifications to be sent at a future date and time.
  • Send text messages to an unlimited number of individuals as mass text campaigns.
  • Support text message attachments in mass text campaigns.
  • Support automatic name inserts for individuals in mass text campaigns.
  • Support opt-in/opt-out options.
  • Support two-way individual texting.
  • Provide corresponding mobile app for managing campaigns on multiple devices.
  • Provide text message analytics and tracking.
  • Provide templates with which to build mass text campaigns.
  • Provide intuitive social media integration.
  • Support exporting features, like exporting data to excel.
  • Provide ability to add or edit recipient and contact information directly within the solution.
  • Support encryption to transmit data across the internet.
  • Key data encryption in the database.
  • Be cost efficient with set rates.


  • Provide complete information as to how the text message system works, from listing software features to end-of-year billing as well as department billing.
  • Provide information regarding reporting capabilities (screen shots and/or sample reports preferred).
  • Provide information regarding all available services with a 3 year pricing breakdown in one year increments.
  • Provide information regarding out-going and in-coming text message pricing for 2000, 5000, 10,000 and up messages. If unlimited, state so.
  • Provide information regarding implementation, timeline, and training.
  • Provide information regarding any operating system requirements.
  • Provide any additional information deemed necessary.
  • Provide any information and detailed cost of two way integration with PowerCampus




  1. Selection of the successful proposal in response to this RFP will be made using the competitive sealed proposal process. The selection of the successful proposal may be made by NCMC on the basis of the proposals initially submitted, without discussion, clarification or modification. In the alternative, selection of the successful proposal may be made by NCMC on the basis of negotiation with any of the Respondents. College shall not disclose any information derived from the proposals submitted by competing Respondents in conducting such discussions.


  1. NCMC will utilize an evaluation team for the evaluation of this RFP. NCMC may require a presentation before the award is made, and reserves the right to use the presentation as an additional factor in the award process. NCMC must be confident that the Respondent’s proposal will meet the needs of the College. North Central Missouri College reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.
  2. NCMC will evaluate and make the award on the proposal that is determined to be the best value to the College based on the criteria listed in Section 3.3.
  3. All proposals must be complete and convey all of the information requested to be considered responsive. If a proposal fails to conform to the essential requirements of the RFP, the College alone will determine whether the variance is significant enough to consider the proposal acceptable, and therefore a candidate for further consideration.

3.3 EVALUATION CRITERIA & WEIGHTS: Each proposal shall be evaluated by scoring based on the criteria below.

Criteria Weight
Cost 40%
Ability of solution to meet requirements 60%


  1. By submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, the Respondent agrees to all terms and conditions, specifications, and all other requirements set forth in this RFP, including the selection and award process, and accepts NCMC’s judgment and decision of award.

3.5  This RFP is a solicitation for proposals and is not a contract or an offer to contract. NCMC is not to award a contract and reserves the right at the College’s exclusive option to: (1) enter into contract or other contractual arrangements for all or any portion or portions of the requirements and specifications set forth in this RFP with one or more Respondents; (2) reject any and all proposals and re-solicit proposals; (3) reduce/revise the scope of work and choose portions of the work that are within the College’s budgetary limits or (4) reject any and all proposals and temporarily or permanently abandon the procurement, if deemed to the best interest of NCMC.

3.6  Proposals are to be valid for a minimum of ninety, (90) days from the submittal deadline date to allow time for evaluation, selection and any unforeseen delays.

3.7  Proposals and any other information submitted by the Respondent in response to this RFP shall become the property of NCMC.

3.8  Failure to comply with the requirements contained in this RFP may result in the rejection of the proposal. Proposals that are qualified with conditional clauses, alterations, items not called for in the RFP documents, or irregularities of any kind are subject to disqualification by NCMC at its option.

3.9  Except as otherwise provided in this RFP, no proposal may be changed, amended, or modified after it has been submitted or filed in response to this RFP. However, upon written request by the Respondent, a proposal may be withdrawn or withdrawn and resubmitted at any time prior to the Submittal Deadline. No proposal may be withdrawn after the Submittal Deadline without NCMC’s consent, which shall be based on the Respondent’s written documentation evidencing a reason acceptable to NCMC in its sole discretion.



All proposals must be received at the North Central Missouri College Business Office no later than 1:00 P.M. CENTRAL TIME, FRI, January 19, 2018in a sealed envelope or box marked “Texting Service Bid Response”. Send to:

North Central Missouri College Business Office

Attn: Tyson Otto

1301 Main Street
Trenton, Mo 64683

Any proposals not received at the Business Office by the stated date and time will be considered late and will be returned to the Respondent unopened. Late responses will not be considered under any circumstances.
Telephone and/or facsimile (fax) proposals are not acceptable.

Proposal response package must clearly indicate company name, address, and RFP as “Texting Service Bid Response”.


  1. Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing straightforward, concise information on the Respondent’s ability to meet the requirements and specifications set forth in this RFP. Emphasis should be on completeness, clarity of content and responsiveness to the requirements and specifications set forth in this RFP.
  2. Respondents are requested to submit a proposal that represents their best offer, as North Central Missouri College does not anticipate utilization of the “Best and Final Offer” process; however the College reserves the right to request Best and Final Offers if deemed necessary.
  3. The following, must be included as part of your response:
    • Company introduction and information;
    • Demonstrated experience and qualifications;
    • Minimum of two (2) references with complete contact information;
    • Copy of vendor’s sample contract;

4.3  COLLEGE CONTACT: Any questions regarding this Request for Proposal shall be directed in writing only to: Lisa Geiser, Database Administrator

***North Central Missouri College specifically requests that Respondents restrict all contact and questions regarding this RFP to the above named individual.***

4.4  INQUIRIES AND INTERPRETATIONS: Responses to inquiries which directly affect an interpretation or change to this RFP will be issued in writing by addendum. Only inquiries which are replied to by formal written addenda shall be binding. Oral and other interpretations or clarifications will be without legal effect.

4.5  OPEN RECORDS: North Central Missouri College considers all information, documentation and other materials requested to be submitted in response to this solicitation to be of a non-confidential and/or non- proprietary nature and therefore shall be subject to public disclosure after a Contract is awarded.
Both parties will take reasonable precautions in protecting such information provided that such information is clearly identified as proprietary or confidential on the page on which it appears.

4.6  TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All terms and conditions and other requirements contained in this RFP shall govern any Contract issued as a result of this RFP.  Additional or attached terms and conditions which are determined to be unacceptable to the College may result in the disqualification of the proposal. Examples include, but are not limited to, liability for payment of taxes, subjugation to the laws of another State, and limitations to remedies.



These General Terms and Conditions shall be made a part of and govern any Contract and/or purchase orders resulting from this Request for Proposal.

5.1  SPECIFICATIONS: The services performed shall be in accordance with the specifications herein. The College will decide the answers to all questions that may arise as to the interpretation of the specifications and the quality, or acceptability of work performed. The College will decide the rate of progress of the work and the acceptable fulfillment of the service on the part of the Contractor.

5.2  A response to a solicitation is an offer to Contract with the College based on the terms, conditions, and specifications contained in the solicitation. Responses do not become Contracts unless and until they are accepted through an authorized College representative.

5.3  TIME OF PERFORMANCE: Time is of the essence in the implementation of the awarded contract. Contractor agrees to perform all obligations and render services set forth per this proposal.

5.4  PATENTS OR COPYRIGHTS: Contractor agrees to protect the College and the state from claims involving infringement of patent or copyrights.

5.5  ASSIGNMENT: Contractor shall not assign or subcontract the whole or any part of the Contract without the College’s prior written consent.

5.6  AMENDMENTS: No modifications or amendment to the Contract shall become valid unless agreed to by College in writing and signed by both parties.


  1. Convenience: The Contract may be terminated, without penalty, by College without cause by giving sixty (60) days written notice of such termination to the Contractor.
  2. Default: Upon the occurrence of default the non-defaulting party may give written notice of default to the defaulting party, identifying in reasonable detail the nature of the default and demanding compliance with the Contract. Unless within ten (10) calendar days after receiving such notice, the allegation shall be contested or such breach shall cease and arrangements be made for corrections, the non-defaulting party may cancel the Contract by giving sixty (60) days’ notice, in writing, by registered or certified mail.
  3. In no event shall termination by College as provided for under this section give rise to any liability on the part of College including, but not limited to, claims of provider for compensation for anticipated profits, unabsorbed overhead, or interest on borrowing. College’s sole obligation hereunder is to pay provider for policy or services received prior to the date of termination.
  4. Implementation of Termination: In the event of termination by the College, the Contractor shall be governed by the terms and conditions, and shall perform the acts as outlined hereto:

The Contractor shall terminate all work under the Contract to the extent and on the date specified in the Notice of Termination and until such date shall, to the extent stated in the Notice of Termination, do such work (and be compensated only for such work) as may be necessary as determined College to preserve the work in progress and to protect materials, buildings, and equipment.

5.8  INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR STATUS: Contractor agrees that Contractor and Contractor’s employees and agents have no employer-employee relationship with College. College shall not be responsible for the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) payments, federal or state unemployment taxes, income tax withholding, workers compensation insurance payments, or any other insurance payments, nor will College furnish any medical or retirement benefits or any paid vacation or sick leave.
Contractor will be responsible and liable for the safety, injury, and health of its working personnel while its employees are performing work for the College.

5.9  AUDIT: At any time during the term of this Contract and for a period of seven (7) years thereafter College or its’ duly authorized audit representative(s), at its/their expense and at reasonable times, reserve the right to audit Contractor’s records. The Contractor further agrees to cooperate fully with the above parties in the conduct of the audit, including providing all records requested.

5.10  NON-DISCLOSURE: Contractor and College acknowledge that they or their employees may, in the performance of the Contract, come into the possession of proprietary or confidential information owned by or in the possession of the other party. Neither party shall use any such information for its own benefit or make such information available to any person, firm, corporation, or other organizations, whether or not directly or indirectly affiliated with the Contractor or College unless required by law.

5.11  PUBLICITY: Contractor agrees that it shall not publicize this Contract or disclose, confirm or deny any details to third parties or use any photographs or video recordings or College’s name in connection with any sales, promotion or publicity event without the prior express written approval of College.

5.12  SEVERABILITY: If one or more provisions of the Contract, or the application of any provision to any party or circumstance, is held invalid, unenforceable, or illegal in any respect, the remainder of the Contract and the application of the provision to other parties or circumstances shall remain valid and in full force and effect.

5.13  NON-WAIVER OF DEFAULTS: Any failure of College, at any time, to enforce or require the strict keeping and performance of any of the terms and conditions of this Contract shall not constitute a waiver of such terms, conditions, or rights, and shall not affect or impair same or the right of College at any time to avail itself of same.

5.14  DISCLOSURES AND PUBLIC INFORMATION ACT: No public disclosures or news releases pertaining to this Contract shall be made without prior written approval of the College.

5.15  LICENSE AND PERMITS: Contractor will obtain and maintain at its own expense, and in its name, all necessary licenses and permits required to perform the services required herein.

5.16  COMPLIANCE WITH LAW: The Contractor shall comply with any applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations in performing its operations under the Contract, including compliance with all Title IV funds requirements, Clery Act requirements, and Title IX. Contractor or employees must report all crimes or suspected crimes immediately to the College Dean of Student Affairs at 660-359-3948 x 1400. By entering into Contract, Contractor certifies that no one employed by the organization has been judicially determined by final judgment or pleading or having pled nolo contendere, to have committed fraud or any other material violation of law involving federal, state, or local funds.

5.17  NOTICES: Any written notices under this Contract will be by hand delivery to Contractor or College’s provided address or by electronic mail to the appropriate College official. Notice will be effective on receipt by the affected party. Either