What is MoSTEMWINs?

“MoSTEMWINs will train Missourians for jobs in transportation, manufacturing, information technology, health services/health sciences, and science support.

The consortium of colleges chose to focus on STEM jobs because of those jobs’ importance to the state’s strategic plan for economic growth and positive long-term employment prospects.

The grant is part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Program that brings the state’s public two-year institutions together with the State Technical College of Missouri to improve the way they educate adult learners – especially those who have lost jobs because of the impact of foreign trade and other negative economic trends.
The Missouri Community College Association acts as program coordinator for MoSTEMWINs.”

Taken from the MCCA website.

How is North Central Missouri College a part of MoSTEMWINs:

North Central Missouri College has chosen to focus on two programs of study: 1) Developmental Skills Math and how it is delivered using the UP Program, and 2) the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Production Technician (MSSC CPT) credential program to expand industry participation.


The UP Program is a new effort designed to accelerate students identified with low skills in Math (placed into Developmental courses) into their program of study and completion. This program is composed of four parts: Brush-Up, Team-Up, Skill-Up and tutoring. The overall goal is to make a smoother transition for students and to increase their overall college success.

To see if your test score places you in a developmental skills level course, please see the placement guide.

The Brush-Up component is a one-week intensive and accelerated workshop designed for students who have placed into DS048, DS049, or MT110. At the completion of the intensive workshop, the goal is to have students score into their college-level course with their post-test.

Students who miss the placement score by no more than two points on ACT or COMPASS will be placed in Team-Up. Team-Up is a co-requisite (dual-enrollment) model of delivery where students will be enrolled simultaneously in their college level math course (MT110/MT122) and an accelerated developmental course.
All students participating in the UP Program will be required to enroll in a comprehensive college success course called Skill-Up. This course will include training for students to learn appropriate academic strategies, including evaluating information, effective study skills, navigating Blackboard, SAIL, leadership skills, self-motivation, and career assessment.

Online tutoring will be available for students in developmental and college-level math courses. This will allow students to have access to a tutor whenever they need it, not just during campus working hours.


MSSC CPT courses will be enhanced by making curriculum adjustments/additions based on company needs through supplemental online resources, addition to specific content as required, flexible course scheduling, and customized delivery methods.

Through the CPT program, students will be eligible for four different individual certifications. The four areas are Safety, Quality Practices & Measurement, Manufacturing Processes & Production and Maintenance Awareness. All FOUR certificates must be received in order to receive the CPT certificate.

For more detailed information on the CPT Certificate, please view our MSSC CPT info page.

*If a student wishes to go on and obtain their Manufacturing Skills Certificate, only TWO additional courses (4 credit hours) would be required! Those two courses are Applied Tech Math OR Intermediate Algebra AND Employment Strategies. By completing the Manufacturing Skills Certificates, a student would be receiving a COLLEGE recognized certificate!*

Other ways to qualify for the programs:

Do you qualify for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA or Trade Act)? Are you a Veteran? Unemployed? Underemployed? Low-skilled? Then you COULD be eligible!

What would the cost be to you?

The Grant would cover most of the cost of tuition for each program. A student would be responsible for the cost of any fees, books and etc. To see an ESTIMATED cost table for each program, click the following links:

Who do you contact to get started?

For more information and to fill out a Registration form, contact Lori Holder, MoSTEMWINs Recruitment and Retention Specialist, at (660) 359-3948 ext. 1360 OR

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