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Pirates Gold Card/Discover Debit Card

North Central Missouri College recognizes that students need to print paper documents in the course of doing academic work. The College also recognizes the need to promote responsible use of the network printers on campus and the environmental and financial impact of these resources. Accordingly, all students will be allocated 200 free single-sided black-and-white prints each semester.  This equates to a $20 printing balance per semester which is automatically added to each student's printing account.  Unused credit balances do not transfer to the next semester and are non-refundable.

After the “free printing balance” is used,  printing and copying will use funds that have been placed in your card account.  Financial Aid refunds, student payroll dollars, as well as any money you have transferred to your card, reside in your card’s account.  Pirates Gold card and your Discover card use the same account. 

Cardholder Agreements: