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Our tutors are selected based upon their knowledge and skills in tutoring our three core areas: math, writing, and accounting. However, our tutors have many talents and are successful students, so they can help with many other subjects. If you don't see your class listed here, give us a call at (660) 357-6334; we'll see what we can do to find a tutor for you!
Our current staff of tutors can help you with the  subjects listed below. For individual tutor schedules, please visit the ARC Staff Page:

Subject Tutors
American History Ashley, Ronna
Anatomy Ronna
Biology Reese, Ronna
Botany Arlin
Business Communications Rob
Business Math Julia
Business Law Rob
Chemistry Reese
Humanities Ronna
Micro Apps Arlin, Ashley, Derrick, Jessica, Judy, Rob, Sharlon, Shelby
Micro Biology Ronna
National Government Alyssa
Physical Science Ashley
Physics Reese
Psychology Alyssa
Reading Tina, Barb S., Michelle
Teaching with Field Experience Alyssa

  Please feel free to contact the Webmaster of the ARC site if you have questions or need more information:

This page was last updated: July 8, 2014


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Math, *Writing, and Accounting tutors are available as scheduled on the ARC staff page.

*Making an appointment to see a writing tutor is HIGHLY recommended although walk-ins are welcome.

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