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All right, you've admitted that you need help, but you're a little nervous about the tutoring process.  Will the tutors make me feel welcome?  Will I ask a silly question?  What if I say the wrong thing or go to the wrong place?

Have no fear, the ARC is here!  Not only do we provide tutoring help in most subject areas, but we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming, comfortable, and positive learning environment.  Remember, we are here to help YOU succeed, and we'll do everything we can to make that happen.

Still a little uneasy about coming to the ARC?  Take our Virtual Tour below and follow two students who experienced the ARC for themselves.



Tech Lab                 Math Lab         Writing Lab 


Follow Kyle and Billie as they get help in the ARC!

 Please feel free to contact the Webmaster of the ARC site if you have questions or need more information: