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General Education 

North Central Missouri College is learning-focused, committed to the assessment of student learning.

North Central Missouri College has adopted Missouri state's eight General Education goals. State-level curricular goals and student competencies fall into two categories: academic skills and knowledge.

As an additional part of the goal-setting process, the college is committed to Missouri's Curriculum Alignment Initiative (CAI) and has integrated the exit-level competencies into student learning outcomes in college-level courses meeting the General Education requisite. Missouri Department of Higher Education - Initiatives

General Education Rationale

North Central Missouri College values General Education and has chosen to address the goals using the distribution model through the implementation of traditional courses. The faculty oversees General Education in curriculum and other opportunities and, with administrative input, assesses its effectiveness through exit tests and other course assessment tools. The review of higher order thinking and valuing are imbedded within the assessment of the remaining six goals. 

General Education Review Template

Assessment of General Education Goals and Competencies Prior to 2012

General Education Goals Date of Next Review General Education Review
Communicating  Fall, 2013
Higher-Order Thinking  
Managing Information  
Social and Behavioral Sciences Fall, 2015
Humanities and Fine Arts Spring, 2014
Mathematics Spring, 2015
Life and Physical Sciences Fall, 2014