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A review is an opportunity for self-study, self-renewal and recognition of the excellence of North Central Missouri College’s educational and support programs, as well as an opportunity to identify areas that may need improvement. Reviews involve self-scrutiny by all college entities to determine how well each NCMC program/department is achieving objectives and advancing the mission, vision, goals and institutional learning outcomes of the college. Documentation includes relevant information as to how assessments are administered, student performance is measured, results are used for curriculum improvement, and assessment processes are reviewed and validated. Results from these reviews are used in planning on the program and institutional levels, which influence strategic planning and budgeting. Every review is completed on a five-year, rotating schedule and involves an external review by a panel outside of the program/service area.

Program Review Rotation Schedule: Fall, 2014, to Spring, 2019

Academic Program Review Form is used for: Associate in Arts degrees, Associate in Arts & Teaching degrees, and Associate in Applied Sciences degrees and certificates by department.

Non-Academic Program Review Form is used for: Student Service department, Business Office operations, Instructional Technology services, outreach, distant learning, Business & Industry, dual credit.

Reviews prior to 2013 are available upon request by contacting the Vice President at NCMC at (660) 359-3948 Ext. 1329.

Program Name Program Outcomes Date of Next Review Program Review
Agriculture 2015--Fall
Applied Tech/1 + 1 Programs 2016--Fall
Associate in Arts (AA) Outcomes, 2014 2014--Fall Review, 2014
Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) 2017--Spring
Business & Technology Outcomes, 2014 2014--Fall Review, 2014
Business & Industry Outcomes, 2013 2018--Spring Review, 2013
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Outcomes, 2013 2018--Fall Review, 2013
Criminal Justice 2016--Spring
Dental Hygiene 2015--Spring
Developmental Education 2017--Spring
Distance Learning 2016--Spring
Dual Credit Outcomes, 2014 2014--Spring Review, 2014
Early Childhood Development 2015--Fall
EMT-Paramedic/Surgical/Radiologic Technology Outcomes, 2013 2017--Fall Review, 2013
Health Care Management 2020--Spring
Industrial Technology 2017--Fall
Medical Assistant (transcription and billing) 2015--Fall
Nursing Level I 2016--Fall
Nursing Level II 2016--Spring
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) 2016--Spring
Outreach 2016--Spring
Paraprofessional and Substitute Outcomes, 2013 2018--Fall Review, 2013
Pharmacy Technician Outcomes, 2013 2018--Fall Review, 2013
General Education
Communications Outcomes, 2013 2018--Fall Review, 2013
Humanities & Fine Arts Outcomes, 2014 2014--Spring Review, 2014
Life & Physical Sciences Outcomes, 2014 2014--Fall Review, 2014
Managing Information Outcomes, 2013 2018--Spring Review, 2013
Mathematics Outcomes, 2015 2015--Spring Review, 2015
Social & Behavioral Sciences 2015--Spring
Academic Advising 2017--Spring
Academic Resource Center (ARC) 2016--Fall
Accessibility Services 2016--Fall
Admissions 2016--Spring
Financial Aid 2015--Spring
Library Service/Mass Media Outcomes, 2012 2017--Fall Review, 2012
Registrar Outcomes, 2014 2014--Fall Review, 2014
Residential Life Outcomes, 2013 2018--Spring Review, 2013
Testing Services 2017--Spring
TRIO Program (Upward Bound) UB Outcomes, 2013


UB Review, 2013
TRIO Program (SSS) 2016--Spring