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Acceptable Use Policy 





     It is the policy of North Central Missouri College to maintain access to local, national, and international sources of information and provide an atmosphere that encourages free exchange of ideas and optimized learning. Use of the College’s electronic information systems is a privilege and not a right. Users must respect the rights of other users, respect the integrity of the systems and related physical resources, and comply with all relevant laws, College policies and procedures, and contractual agreements.


Network Definition


     The College network is defined to include any and all computer and electronic based communication facilities (voice, data, and video) and/or equipment which are owned or operated under the supervision of North Central Missouri College


Criminal or Illegal Acts


     Electronic information systems of the College, which include hardware, software, and network environment, shall not be used for illegal or criminal activities. Such activities may involve, but are not limited to, unauthorized access, intentional corruption or misuse of resources, theft, defamation, obscenity, pornography, child pornography, and harassment based upon ethnicity, disability, age, religion, or sex. The College will cooperate with all branches  of law enforcement (local, state, federal, or international) in investigations of a criminal nature by making available transmissions and files within the College’s network.


Copyright Law


     North Central Missouri College treats copyright infringement very seriously. It is illegal to violate the copyright law, including sharing music and videos without permission from the copyright owner.  Copyright owners have begun using software to aggressively search for people who are providing copyrighted materials to others over the Internet without the copyright owner’s permission.


Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses


      Acceptable and unacceptable uses of College electronic information systems are outlined below.  Note:  this list is not all inclusive.


Acceptable Uses


  • A means for authorized users to have legitimate access to email, network resources, and/or Internet access
  • Any use necessary to complete research or coursework assigned to a College employee or student
  • Communication for professional development
  • Other administrative and/or academic communications or activities in direct support of College projects and missions
  • Limited personal use may be allowed when such use meets the following criteria:  it does not interfere with College operations, it does not compromise the functioning of the College network and computing resources, it does not interfere with the user’s employment or other obligations to the College, and it does not violate any other laws, regulations, or College policy.


Unacceptable Uses


  • Any commercial or for-profit use
  • Attempting to gain or gaining unauthorized access to the computer system or files of another
  • Including use of another individual’s identification, network, email or other College-based account and/or related passwords
  • Any use that causes unauthorized network disruption, system failure, or data corruption
  • Any use related to achieving, enabling, or hiding unauthorized access to network resources, College-owned software, or other information belonging to North Central Missouri College
  • Unauthorized or excessive personal use
  • Use of computing facilities or network resources to send obscene, harassing, abusive, or threatening messages or computer viruses or worms


User Responsibility and Account Ownership


     Users may not allow other individuals to use their College-assigned network, email, or other College-based account.  Employees and students are individually responsible and accountable for the proper use of their assigned accounts. Users should take proper security measures to ensure the integrity of their accounts and should also report any notice of unauthorized access. All network shares on individual’s computers must be properly password protected.


Additional Policies


     North Central Missouri College is required by contract with MOREnet to abide by and therefore enforce their policies and procedures.  For more information about MOREnet’s policies, procedures, and security measures, visit the following website:



User Conduct and Sanctions


     Individuals who violate the above conditions of service may be subject to losing all College computer network privileges. Abuse of the College’s electronic information system or violation of any local, state, or federal telecommunication law or regulation or College policy may cause suspension of user privileges and may subject the individual to criminal, civil, and institutional penalties, up to and including suspension from the College and/or termination of employment.



     I have read the above and agree to the terms and conditions of the Electronic Information System Use Policy.  I will also provide current virus protection and necessary updates for my PC.




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Physical Address*



*Physical Address can be obtained by

  1. Go to Start, Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt (Dos Prompt)
  2. Enter the command   ipconfig /all
  3. Find Physical Address in the list (example 00-0B-CD-25-C1-C8)


Contact the Helpdesk at extension 1214 if you need help finding the physical address.  The PCs valid physical address must be listed on this form.