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Internet Connection Procedures 


  • Cat5 network cable long enough to reach Computer and will have an
    RJ45 Plug on both ends (see pictures below).

    network cable

    The Connectors

    Here is a brief description of the RJ45 connector. The Rj45 connector looks a lot like the standard
    telephone connector which is called an RJ11. The RJ45 is larger than the RJ11 because the RJ45
    has room for 8 conductors where the RJ11 has room for only conductors. See the photos of the
    two connectors below.  The RJ11 is on the left and the RJ45 is on the right.

    color description
       RJ11          and              RJ45

    A Network Card

    Network Cardmodem

II. Required Software

Current Microsoft Updates (i.e. Windows XP SP2 and newer updates or current updates for your operating system)
These updates will be installed once connected to the internet by Computing Services.

Current Anti-Virus Software (i.e. Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee, AVG etc.)

  • You will not be allowed on the network without current anti-virus software.
  • If you do not have Anti-Virus Software, contact the help desk 359-3948 ext. 214 for possible solutions.



III. To schedule an appointment

Call Computing Services Help Desk at Extension 1214 to schedule at time to setup your internet connection.
You must be present while the technician is in your room.