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"After graduating from NCMC and moving on to Missouri Western, things have been looking great for the future. I received a scholarship for having a higher GPA, in which I would not have been able to obtain without the services provided by the SSS. The motivation to do well came from my advisors and tutors there, even when I was about to give up. The knowledge from all of the workshops also helped me and what I have gained from being in the SSS is invaluable and I could not have succeeded without them. I also had the opportunity to be a tutor for SSS, which gave me experience to work with such great students and other tutors. This experience has allowed me to obtain other on-campus jobs at Missouri Western that are aimed towards my degree in Business Finance".   -Nick Taylor


"After NCMC I will be transferring to Northwest Missouri State University to pursue a degree in accounting. The SSS has provided tutoring and helped me to keep on track to obtain my goals. The SSS provides additional opportunities to receive scholarships as well as workshops and financial counseling courses. The advisors through the SSS helped me keep my educational goals on track and monitored my success in my courses. SSS at NCMC has made the transition from my high school experience to college an easy change by providing a warm welcoming atmosphere as well as a comfortable learning environment". -Danessa Derry




 "The SSS is a great program! They provided me with many benefits that helped me such as a scholarship and assisting me with coursework. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of the SSS. I plan to attend Northwest Missouri State University to get my bachelor's degree and possibly a master's degree in occupational therapy". -Jordan Reddin



"When my application to be a member of the SSS was accepted, I had no idea how important the SSS would be to  my college success. I have taken basic, intermediate and college algebra in addition to statistics here at NCMC and I've earned As in each of those classes. I am not sure that I could have gotten As in those classes if I hadn't had the help of the SSS. I have received many hours of math tutoring and test preparation guidance at the SSS. With this help, I was able to grasp concepts that were very challenging for me. I have also taken English 1, English 2 and World Literature at NCMC. Each of these classes required many writing projects. The tutors and advisors at the SSS read my papers, gave me constructive feedback, and then re-read the papers once I had edited them. Knowing that I could count on help from the SSS, enabled me to feel less stress and enjoy the process of growth and learning I was experiencing in my classes. Ultimately, college success rests on the shoulders of each student, but being part of the SSS is like having a group of friends always there to help you and cheer you on. They celebrated my successes and helped me dry my tears when I fell short of my goals. Through the process of earning my Associates degree here at NCMC, I knew that I was genuinely cared about and that my success was important to the SSS staff. I will be very sad to leave NCMC and lose the support of the SSS. It is difficult to express in words how grateful I am for the support SSS has given me these past two years; I am so very thankful. I will be transferring to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. My plan is to earn my Bachelor's degree in Accounting and then earn a Master's in Business Administration. -Allison Gibson