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Extreme Saturdays 



Extreme Saturdays provide students with a chance to learn valuable information and foster a sense of community among UB students from small isolated schools in a large geographic area. These are held once a month and attendance is mandatory. If students miss Extreme Saturdays for any reason, make-up assignments can be obtained from the UB office and must be completed by the posted deadline to make-up their stipend.

Transportation is provided for all students to the monthly Extreme Saturdays, community service projects, cultural reward trips and special activities. Students with circumstances not allowing them to use the transportation provided must turn in a "Transportation Waiver" signed by their parent to the UB office. A typical Extreme Saturday includes sessions dedicated to addressing students' academic, social or emotional needs of the Upward Bound students. Students generally get to pick two sessions that they feel best fits their needs. On Saturday's, the Ubers also have Pod mentoring. Pod mentoring is when students get together with others in their group (or pod) and complete a teamwork activity. This assists the Ubers in communicating with one another.  

2016-2017 Extreme Saturdays

 September 17, October 8, November 12, December 3

January 7, February 18, March 11, April 22

   All Dates are subject to change.