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 "Joining Upward Bound was by far the best decision I made while in high school. I was a very academic person as it was, but UB gave me that extra push. The constant tutoring hours, weekly contacts, Extreme Saturdays, and college visits were what helped me become even more successful in high school. They are the reason I felt I could branch out and truly realize my full potential. UB became more than just a college prep program; they became my support system, a family. They are the reason that I am currently a student at Missouri State University in Springfield as a Political Science major and Philosophy minor. Upward Bound's support, encouragement, and academic resources are the reasons that I explored my options. I found where my skills were and what I was passionate about. The skills I was taught and lessons I learned while in Upward Bound are not only going to help me in college, but in my career and life as well"!   Macon Allen, Gallatin


"Upward Bound has helped me fill out  the FAFSA wih their wonderful workshops during the monthly Extreme Saturday. Upward Bound also had workshops with  career presenters where the presenters would talk about their jobs and if somebody was interested in that area they were able to talk with them after the presntation. This helped me because I was able to learn about a career I might have been interested in. The Upward Bound summers helped me to prepare for the courses I would take in the fall. The Upward Bound staff are amazing, and they would motivate me to get things done to prepare me for college and would help with anything I needed help with. If it weren't for Upward Bound I'm not sure where I would be. Now I am going to NCMC, getting good grades and will be transferring to a four year college. Joining Upward Bound was the best thing that ever happened to me". Samantha Shaw, Trenton            


"Upward Bound has helped me with time management skills, knowledge of college life, and has given me access to resources that I would otherwise not know about. In particular, by participating in the Bridge program over the summer, I have gained valuable insight which has allowed me to succeed much quicker than my peers. I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Work.  Kayla Fox, Chillicothe


                                                                                                                                                                                                           "I'm an indecisive person. I change my mind constantly and college plans were no exception. I started Upward Bound with the idea that I would become a lawyer and came out with the goal of becoming a journalist. In between those times Upward Bound helped me grow as a person and discover my areas of interest. The program showed me all my college options and introduced me to schools I would have never considered before. They helped me make my decision to go to Mizzou for the journalism program. The summer component of Upward Bound pushed me to become more independent and showed me that I can handle the college experience. During those times I also made unlikely friendships that have survived the test of time. The biggest help for me has definitely been the assistance I received in selecting a college and career path. I couldn't have done it alone". Samuel Hamilton, Gallatin