2018 Commencement


Ketcham Community Center
Trenton, MO

Saturday, May 5, 2018
9:00 am


1:00 pm
Nursing PN & ADN Pinning Commencement

Ceremony speaker at NCMC 2017 Commencement Commencement walk in progress Students moments away from graduating. Faculty stand at commencement Hugs for the grad. Geyer Hall gathering Commencement starting at Geyer Hall NCMC students pose together Faculty and students take a picture all dressed and ready to go. All smiles for excited graduating students College President with a graduating student College President greeting graduate with their diploma. Faculty on Graduation Day Commencement speaker Students gather for a photo with the NCMC pirate mascot. Family stands proudly with their two graduates. Faculty walking with the graduating students Student receives her diploma. Commencement walk underway. Two students happy and proud on their big day. Men posing for the NCMC Commencement. Students gather for photo on graduation day Commencement walk Students standing for commencement NCMC Pirate mascot takes a photo with a group of 2017 grads. 2017 Commencement Speaker Good Job Grandma. Graduate of 2017 Happy and proud honor faculty Speaker at the Commencement ceremony Graduation Commencement walk Standing students in the gym on commencement day. Gathered around after graduation Commencement speaker Students proudly walks away with his diploma. Three of NCMC graduating students Proud and Accomplished graduating student.

Commencement at North Central Missouri College is a special time. Commencement and the events that surround it provide us with an opportunity to pause, honor tradition, recognize accomplishments, and celebrate our students as they earn their degrees and certificates.

The entire college community joins together with families and friends as we recognize the hard work, effort, and accomplishments of each of our students. We encourage you to be a part of this celebration and are proud of the current and future accomplishments of our graduates as they enter the workforce, new educational environments and their communities. Go Pirates!