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NCMC Attendance Statement 

General Attendance Statement

NCMC has designed a schedule of classes that meets the Carnegie unit definition of class time necessary for students to complete the course. North Central Missouri College is not required to have a standard, college-wide attendance policy. However, each NCMC instructor is required by contract to have an attendance policy for each course taught. Each instructor’s attendance policy is stated in the syllabus and is unique to his/her course. The policy should be read and understood by the student prior to enrolling into a course. Each instructor may set his or her own policy relative to attendance as it pertains to being permitted to continue in the course and grade received within Title IV and Title IX compliance guidelines.

NCMC strongly encourages students to attend classes on a regular basis as registration for any NCMC course presupposes that the student will attend all scheduled classes, laboratories, and clinicals beginning the first week of classes and engaging in academic actitivties. Students are expected to attend all class sessions of the courses in which they are enrolled. Class time at NCMC also contributes to academic success and provides the student with the experience of understanding the attendance expectations of a career. Absences reduce the value of the learning experience and reduce the probability of passing the course successfully. Most failures, dropped courses and poor grades result from poor attendance. It is the ultimately the student’s responsibility to attend all classes and be informed of attendance procedures, academic interaction and add-drop requirements once enrolled in the course.

Distance Learning Attendance Statement

According to NCMC’s Distance Learning Policy, attendance in a Distance Learning course is determined by a student’s active ACADEMIC participation in a course beginning the first week of classes. Students must engage in an academic activity the first week of class in order to maintain their financial aid status. Signing into BlackBoard without participating in a Distance Learning academic activity does not constitute attendance. If academic interaction by the student does not occur during the first week of distance learning classes, efforts will be made by the faculty member to contact the student. If non-participation continues beyond the first week, an email will be sent and/or contact by faculty member/advisor will be made informing the student outlining the consequences of continued non-participation. If regular and substantial academic interaction does not occur as a result of the attempts, the student’s information may be entered into NCMC’s Early Alert Program for further efforts to inform the student of his/her current status in the course. It is the ultimately the student’s responsibility to interact academically in the course, be informed of attendance procedures and add-drop requirements once enrolled in the course. Failure to attend class or interact academically online does not constitute an official withdrawal.

All on ground and distance learning students must notify their instructor regarding any and all absences as soon as possible. Instructors will make every effort to work with reasonable advance notices of absences due to college events and/or emergencies. It is, however, ultimately the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for missed assignments, tests, lectures, deadlines and other academic activities associated with the lack of attendance. Regular attendance and online academic interaction also affects the student’s ability to remain eligible for financial aid. For the purpose of Title IV financial aid eligibility, the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for students enrolled in full-time programs must be reviewed often.