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Course Withdrawal Procedures 

Official Withdrawals/Drops

Students have until the end of the published add/drop period to enroll or make schedule changes.  The period ends at the end of the first week of a fall or spring semester and at the end of the third day of the summer term, for classes that run all semester.  The add/drop period will vary for off-schedule classes; contact the Registrar’s Office for dates that apply to shorter term classes.

Tuition and fees for classes dropped prior to the published add/drop deadline will be refunded in full.  No refund is given after the deadline.

Enrollment Confirmation

  • Second week of normal semester, email notification, with attached roster confirmation form, sent to all faculty (after end of add/drop for off-schedule classes)
  • Faculty complete form and return within one week
  • Schedules printed for each student reported as non-participating
  • Courses reported by faculty highlighted on student schedules
  • At end of second week, student reported in all courses on schedule is dropped from term enrollment
  • Copies of drop form mailed to student and given to Financial Aid Office
  • Copies of all schedules for reported students are forwarded to Financial Aid Office for adjustment of financial aid awards


Official Withdrawals

  • A request to leave a class after the end of the published add/drop period is considered a withdrawal.
  • Students may initiate the withdrawal request by completing a withdrawal card at the Information Desk in the Alexander Student Center or by sending an email from the NCMC-issued email account to  All email requests are recorded on withdrawal cards by office staff.
  • A grade of “W” is assigned in classes when students withdraw.
  • When a student withdraws from all coursework for a term, enrollment status is changed to “Withdrawn” and the withdrawal date is entered on the Academic tab in the student workflow .
  • Copies of all withdrawal cards are forwarded to the Financial Aid Office for review.


Unofficial Withdrawals

  • Faculty are required to submit a last date of attendance for any student who fails a class.
  • Dates are entered on the grading roster at the time final grades are submitted.
  • A report is run to pull last dates of attendance for students who failed all coursework for the term.