Head Start Program Director

CLASSIFICATION: Administrative, Management, Professional
REPORTS TO: President
CONTRACT TERMS: Full-Time, 12-month
LOCATION: Trenton, Missouri (does oversee other locations)

JOB TITLE:  Head Start Program Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: This is a full time professional, exempt position responsible for providing direction, managerial oversight, and administration of the total Head Start/Early Head Start Program, and is responsible to the college president of North Central Missouri College.


  1. Facilitate strategic planning, program implementation, overall assessment, and comprehensive evaluation of HS/EHS operations, successfully engaging staff, parents, governing board members, and community stakeholders in all aspects.
  2. Prepare and submit HS/EHS grant applications as required by applicable federal statutes, regulations and administrative practice, including such proposals for modification as may be necessary.
  3. Ensure adherence to all program requirements associated with federal grant awards and other funding sources.
  4. Ensure that all HS/EHS program sites and equipment are safe and provide a healthy environment consistent with applicable local/state/federal codes and regulations, as well as local community standards.
  5. Supervise application of agency personnel policies and practices as they relate to the HS/EHS Program, North Central Missouri College, and state/federal regulations.
  6. Review all HS/EHS-related employment applications, interview selected applicants, and recommend potential employees to Policy Council and NCMC Board of Trustees.
  7. Prepare and administer the HS/EHS budget.
  8. Direct/supervise middle management personnel responsible for program planning, implementation, and monitoring.
  9. Oversee HS/EHS-related agency procurement policies.
  10. Maintain an inventory of property in keeping with agency-wide practices and federal/state regulations.
  11. Serve as an advisor for agency-wide projects which will result in new and/or improved community-based child and family development programs.
  12. Represent the HS/EHS program in its relations with North Central Missouri College and the community-at-large.
  13. Represent North Central Missouri College in its relations with other HS/EHS programs, the Office of Head Start, or other entities engaged in EHS/HS activities, on a local, state or federal level.
  14. Facilitate the establishment of written formal agreements with community partners, including local education agencies, social services agencies, and other entities as required and/or in the best interest of the program.
  15. Serve as a liaison between North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees and Green Hills Head Start Policy Council.
  16. Must have ability to work some evenings and/or weekends as necessary.
  17. Must have ability to travel to out-of-area meetings and professional development opportunities as necessary.
  18. Must be able to lift 40 – 50 pounds.


  1. Master’s degree in Administration, Early Childhood Education, Education, or a human services-related professional program.
  2. Experience at a mid-management level as determined by the executive director of the agency.
  3. Prior administrative experience with proficiency in budget, personnel, and program development as determined by the executive director of the agency.
  4. Must have strong skills in the following: verbal/written communication, computer applications (ex. Microsoft Office), time management, organization, record keeping, and teamwork.

SALARY ENTRY LEVEL:  As specified by consent of the college president and NCMC Board of Trustees.