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1. If I were looking for a scholarly article on hip replacement surgery, which database would be the best to choose?

2. If I typed in the keyword “soldier” and retrieved too many articles, I would need to think of another keyword to add to the search. Which Boolean operators could I use with the keywords to narrow my search?

3. Which box should I check to have the database look for synonyms and plurals of my keywords?

4. What box should I check in ADVANCED SEARCH to make sure I retrieve only full text articles?

5. In the citation, Army Times.;By Terry, Don., American Historical Review, Dec2000, Vol. 105, Issue 5, p1721, 2p. Army Times is the title of the:

6. To find all the forms of the keyword laugh within articles, you would type laugh followed by a(n):

7. I am not finding many articles with my keywords. Which Boolean operator do I use with another term to broaden my search?

8. In order to find out how to write my citations for my works cited page, I need to click on:

9. EBSCOhost retrieves:

10. If I were looking for an article concerning the treatment of cancer of the ear, which would be the best search strategy?