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Library Reserve Collection 

Purpose and Procedure

The purpose of the library's reserve collection is to make a limited number of resources available to many students for a limited period of time. Faculty may place on reserve materials from the NCMC Library collection, personal copies of books, AV media, or periodical articles. A Library Reserve Request Form is available online and at the NCMC circulation desk. Faculty members need to make arrangements with the library staff one week prior to the reserve need. Faculty members will receive an email at the end of each semester as to the reserve status of materials.


Reserve and Copyright Compliance

A faculty member may place original, library-owned materials, or personal copies of course-related materials on reserve for as long as necessary. Reproduced materials must adhere to the Copyright Policy available on the library website.

Reproduced materials may be placed on reserve status for one semester only. At the end of the semester, the materials will be removed from reserve unless copyright permission is received. All reproduced materials shall contain full bibliographic information and a notice of copyright. Copyright permission is required if a faculty member needs to extend the reserve status of reproduced materials for more than one term or place it on reserve status again at a future date. A Copyright Permission Sample Letter is available online and at the NCMC circulation desk. The library reserves the right to refuse material that does not comply with the U.S. Copyright Law.

If copyright permission is unobtainable of if the cost is prohibitiive, the faculty member may, when available, refer students to an online full-text article. Articles could be in the library's databases, i.e. EBSCOhost, LexisNexis, JSTOR, etc. Faculty members may also contact the library to purchase the book for library reserve, or place personally owned original materials (books, journals) on reserve. Adapted by permission from St. Charles Community college 7/20/09


Library Reserve Request Form