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Interlibrary Loan 

Purpose of Interlibrary Loan
Library materials not owned by NCMC Library or not available in the MOBIUS catalog may be borrowed from other libraries through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service. Loan procedures are regulated by the National Interlibrary Loan Code, by the regulations of the lending library, and by the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, US Code) which governs the procedures for producing photocopies or reproductions of copyrighted materials.

Limitations on Borrowing
ILL is not intended for extensive borrowing by individuals. Research topics should be selected according to the resources on hand and those resources should be exhausted before making an ILL request. If large numbers of items needed for a project are located at another library, arrangements should be made to use them at that library.

Items Not Often Available Through ILL

  • rare, hard-to-pack or fragile materials (including videos, microforms, and CDs)
  • reference books and curriculum materials
  • entire issues or volumes of periodicals (photocopies of specific articles may be requested)
  • materials in high demand at the lending library, such as recently published books

Who May Borrow
North Central Missouri College employees, faculty emeriti, and currently enrolled students are eligible to use ILL.

Loan Period
The lending library sets the loan period and any restrictions on the use of the materials. Requests for renewals must be submitted to the NCMC Library (660-359-3948) at least two days prior to the due date.

Costs for Using ILL
Borrowers may use cash, or personal checks made out to North Central Missouri College to pay for Interlibrary Loan charges if applicable.

For Books:
At the time of the request the borrower must indicate their expense limit. We will notify the lending library of your limit. Materials which exceed your limit will not be ordered.

For Periodicals:
Charges for photocopies vary with each library and articles from specialized libraries may cost more. If the charges exceed the expense limit, the borrower will be notified and given the option of changing their limit. A borrower cannot cancel a photocopy request once it has been ordered from another library. Items with these charges will not be released to the borrower until all charges have been paid.

Length of Time It Takes to Receive Materials
The length of time between the request and the delivery of materials depends on the location of the lending library and the method of delivery utilized by the lending library. Each ILL request will be processed as quickly as possible. Allow at least two weeks for delivery. Borrowers must note a last usable date on the online request form. ASAP is not acceptable. If the requested material is not received by this date, it will automatically be canceled. Borrowers are responsible for charges on all materials exceeding $15.00 received/delivered before the requested last usable date.

How to Make Requests for ILL
Borrowers should first check North Central Missouri College's library catalog to be certain that NCMC Library does not own the needed materials. Materials owned by NCMC Library will NOT be processed through ILL. All requests must be submitted through the online request form on the library's home page. All requests must include full bibliographic information. Abbreviations are not acceptable. Check at the Library Circulation Desk to get assistance in locating needed information. The responsibility for providing a complete and correct citation, however, rests with the borrower. Requests cannot be accepted over the phone or through the mail. Periodical articles will be scanned and sent to the borrowers NCMC e-mail address when materials are received. Book materials must be picked up at the Library Circulation Desk in NCMC Library promptly after e-mail notification. They should be returned to the Library Circulation Desk on or before the due date.

How ILL Requests are Processed
Requests are processed using the OCLC Interlibrary Loan Subsystem. The Library staff will determine the most appropriate library from which to borrow and the most expeditious manner in which to make the request.

NCMC Library is aware of the value of ILL service. Such interlibrary cooperation is increasingly important as book and periodical prices increase and as colleges and universities tailor their holdings to their course offerings. We are committed to offering the most expedient and least expensive service possible. All postage, insurance, and OCLC/First Search charges are paid by the library as a service to the college community.

Permission to use the above information granted by: Glenn Morrow, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, NWMSU (July 24, 2007)