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Request Proctored Test from NCMC Library Testing Center

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*Please make sure your students know they must show ID to test*
This form is to be completed by NCMC Instructors

Return this completed form to Shellee via, interoffice mail or drop it by GH111.

Testing Center Information

  1. Testing Center rules are attached.
  2. If student does not have ID, proctor will attempt to contact instructor. If proctor cannot contact instructor, student will not be able to test.
  3. If a student is suspected of cheating, library staff will follow instructor’s instructions below. The recorded segment will be saved until the end of the following semester.
  4. At this time, IT believes testing room recordings will be available for at least 2 weeks from date test taken.

Instructor Information

Instructor Name:

Instructor Email:

Instructor Phone:(Where you can be reached by the proctor if needed. Confidential.)

 Text me as well

Test Information

Course Title:

Course Number and Section:

Test Name:

Time Limit:

Test Availability Beginning Date:

Test Availability Ending on Date:

Test Format:

 Computer   Paper


Access information:

Resources for student use:
 Book – title and author
 Class notes
 Scrap paper
 Calculator – specify model:

 Student can use internet sources in addition to paper/pencil test or software tests (Hawks)
 Accommodations for students with disabilities (must be made by instructor prior to testing):
 White board
 Notecard w/student notes, size____

Return exam:

 Not applicable
 Interoffice mail – tests will be placed in Geyer mailboxes Friday morning and afternoon
 Hold for instructor pick-up

If student is suspected of cheating (mark one):

Address the student, collect paper/close computer test, alert instructor
Do not address student, allow student to complete test, alert instructor after test is completed

Instructor Signature:


NCMC Testing Center Rules for Students

***Earplugs are recommended at this testing site***

  1. Student’s identity will be verified by valid photo ID: driver’s license, school ID, military ID. STUDENT WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TEST WITHOUT A VALID PHOTO ID.
  2. Student will read Testing Center Rules for Students. By accessing test and/or signing in, student agrees to testing rules.
  3. Only items allowed by instructor will be permitted in the testing room.
  4. The following items are NOT allowed in the testing room: CELL PHONES, backpacks, coats, hats (can be worn if hat stays on throughout test; ball caps need to be turned with bill to the back) purses, electronic devices like headsets and laptops – unless designated by instructor.
  5. Students may not inspect the test prior to taking it.
  6. Students may not leave testing room before test is complete, unless instructor previously agrees to this accommodation on his/her request form.
  8. Children are not allowed in the testing room.
  9. Earplugs are available in testing room.
  10. A clear, non-colored water bottle with label removed can be taken into the testing room.
  11. Students should come prepared and allow enough time to complete testing prior to the Testing Center closing. Tests will be collected at closing time, regardless of time on the test that is remaining.
  12. If any issues or problems occur during a test, the proctor will contact the instructor immediately.
  13. If a student is suspected of CHEATING, library staff will follow instructor’s instructions on proctor request.
  14. VIDEO and AUDIO SURVEILLANCE is ACTIVE in the testing room and RECORDING IS IN PROGRESS. Instructors will review video as needed.
  15. When test is complete, return test (along with scrap paper and any additional materials given to you by proctor) and turn in padlock and keys.

Testing Room Early Closing Policy

Definition of closing early: open during college office hours of 8:00 to 4:30

The Learning Commons will close early on the following dates:

  • Thursday before fall break
  • Tuesday before Thanksgiving
  • Thursday before spring holiday
  • Week of Spring Break
  • The library will not be open on Sunday if the break/holiday is on a Monday or a Friday.

Revised 10/27/2017