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Head Start Annual Public Report 

January 2014

Program: North Central Missouri College/Green Hills Head Start

Program Options: Center Base: Full day/Part year (9 classrooms): 167 children
Home Base: 8 Counties: 70 children

Funded Enrollment: 237 children

Funding Sources: $1,792,516.00 ACF/Office of Head Start (2013-2014)
$ 90,635.18 USDA/Child/Adult Care Food Program (2013-14)
$ 448,129.00 Non-federal/Local Matching Resources (2013-14)

Grant Year: February 1 – January 31

Proposed Budget: FY2014-Program Year #43:
Personnel: $1,114,657
Fringe: $ 240,601
Travel: $ 6,746
Equipment: $ 22,700
Supplies: $ 62,169
Other: $ 245,324
Indirect Cost: $ 100,319
Total Federal: $1,792,516
Non-Federal: $ 448,129
USDA: $ 98,500
TOTAL: $2,339,145

Teacher Education: MA/MS: 2 Classroom Teachers
1 Home Visitor
BS/BA: 7 Classroom Teachers
3 Home Visitors
CDA: 2 Home Visitors (1 enrolled in AA/AAS ECE program)

Total: 9 Classroom Teachers
6 Home Visitors
NOTE: The following staff members have a CDA (Child Development Associate) credential: 8 classroom teachers; 6 home visitors; 13 teacher aides; 1 cook; 4 management staff members. One employee is actively working toward a CDA credential. Of the assistant teaching staff, 4 teacher aides have Bachelor degrees; 3 teacher aides have Associate degrees.

Review Results: Last on-site review was conducted March 2013. The program was determined to be in compliance with all applicable Head Start Program Performance Standards, laws, regulations and policy requirements.

Audit Results: No Head Start findings.

Enrollment: 2013-2014:
As a result of federal budget reductions, funded enrollment was decreased by 40 children to total 237 children beginning August 2013. One center was eliminated; four home-based locations were consolidated into 2 service areas. During the 2012-13 school year, 295 children were served. As of January 31, 2014, 244 children have been served during the 2013-14 school year.

PIR Data: 2012-2013:
Medical Services (up-to-date per EPSDT schedule): 97%
Immunization Services (up-to-date): 100%
Dental Services (completed exam): 100%
Dental Services (completed treatment): 97%
Children with IEP (diagnosed disability): 18%
Family Services (received services): 82.5%
Average Class Size: 19 children
Classroom Teachers (meet degree requirements): 100%

Training: All staff completes a training assessment annually. Training activities are planned with consideration to individual/program needs. Recent staff training topics included: child nutrition; child abuse/neglect; sanitation/blood-borne pathogens; medication administration; family engagement; CACFP requirements; first aid/CPR; books and vocabulary; Handwriting without Tears. All staff members were involved in Positive Behavior Support (PBS) planning/training, which was implemented during the 2012-13 school year. Additionally, all staff members received 16 hours training associated with the Head Start Trauma Smart program initiated/provided by Crittenton Children’s Center.

NCMC Board training is scheduled annually, focusing upon Head Start regulations and procedures. Policy Council training occurs annually in October.

Staff enrolled in college classes continues to receive financial assistance with tuition, books, and fees, as funds allow. Continued education is a program priority.

• Educated, qualified and experienced staff dedicated to working with Head Start children & families. Staff members embrace the philosophy of life-long learning, continuing college coursework, attending early education conferences and actively participating in training sessions
• Positive child outcomes as identified by child assessments, parent evaluations, year-end informational reports, and public school input
• Full support of North Central Missouri College administration and Board of Trustees
• Active engagement of Policy Council members and enrolled families
• Supportive community partners: county health departments, local dentists, Community Action Agency, Chillicothe Housing Authority, Putnam County R-I School District, area public schools, churches, city governments, family services, etc.

Program Strategies:
• ENGAGEMENT: Nurture supportive, energetic, and enjoyable working environments throughout all program settings. Engage staff, board members, and community partners by focusing upon best practices, seeking diverse ideas, sharing responsibilities, and celebrating achievements. Actively engage parents in Head Start by encouraging parent participation in Policy Council, local parent groups, adult educational opportunities, early education activities, and home-based instruction.
• COMMUNICATION: Facilitate open communication between staff, parents, governing board, and community partners in order to establish/accomplish program goals and respond to local/state/federal mandates. Maintain productive communication between all entities to ensure cooperative relationships, coordinative use of available resources, continuity of services, and smooth transitions for children and families leaving Head Start.
• PLANNING: Approach program planning with an awareness of current early learning initiatives and expectations at the federal, state and local level, an understanding of child/family needs, and an adherence to applicable local, state, and federal regulations, ensuring program quality and compliance.
• PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Provide training to Head Start staff, Policy Council representatives and Board members, enabling them to effectively perform their respective Head Start responsibilities. Continue to financially support staff seeking formal education and degrees.
• MONITORING: Continuously monitor all component areas including funded enrollment, child/family assessment of needs and subsequent service delivery, child progress/outcomes and alignment with public school expectations, recordkeeping and data management, staff performance and professional growth, budget amounts and operational needs, and facility safety. Use available data to plan and support best practices, making changes as necessary.

For further information, review the program website at or contact
Green Hills Head Start, 205 W. 18th Street, PO Box 177, Trenton, MO 64683, phone 660-359-2214.