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Mary Nasser Art Exhibit 

January 22, 2014

A collection of works by a St. Charles, Missouri area painter will continue the 2013-2014 exhibition schedule in the Dorris Rider Art Gallery at North Central Missouri College in Trenton. “Paintings by Mary Nasser” is now open and will run through February 21.

The exhibit features several mixed media paintings on canvas and wood panels, drawing inspiration from nature, specifically landscapes and geology. The paintings are influenced by topographical maps of places the artist has lived and sites she has visited in her travels.

“I study physical geology and the interconnectedness between surface and subterranean landscape,” said Nasser. “In my paintings, I explore the relationships between developments underground and the evolution of the landscape that takes place on the surface, borrowing images from geological diagrams of land formations to incorporate into my paintings.”

Ms. Nasser’s fascination with landscape and geology has led her to many different locales, including the American Southwest and Hawaii, as well as Mexico and various European countries. The experiences she gained and the environments she examined have been incorporated into a unique vision in her art. “I am captivated by the idea that geological shifts and transformations seem to parallel both individuals and their relationships: continually changing, varying, shifting, and developing too,” said Nasser.

Ms. Nasser has had more than 20 solo shows in the past ten years and has been awarded numerous residency opportunities. She was Artist-in-Residence in 2008 at Red Cinder Creativity Center in Hawaii and was a visiting artist and lecturer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 1996. She is also active in the arts community of the St. Louis area.

“Paintings by Mary Nasser” is currently on display and will run until February 21. The gallery is located in the Frey Administrative Building. All NCMC students and the public are invited to visit the exhibit.

Regular hours at the Rider Art Gallery are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, as well as selected weekend and evening hours by appointment. For more information, please contact Jim Norris at 359-3948 ext. 1345 at NCMC.