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Students Earn Honors in Spring Term 

May 14, 2014

North Central Missouri College in Trenton has named full-time students with outstanding academic achievements to the Academic Honors lists for the 2014 spring semester.

Sixty-three full-time students have been named to the President’s List with a perfect 4.0 grade point average (GPA), and 87 full-time students achieved Dean’s List recognition with a grade point average of at least 3.5. To be eligible for either honors list, students must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours that contributed toward their GPA for the spring semester.

Named to the President’s List were:

PRES Debbie Holaday Barnard MO
PRES Ryan King Bethany MO
PRES Kevin Laytham Bethany MO
PRES Jacob Polley Bethany MO
PRES Shelby Salter Brashear MO
PRES Julia Shiflett Brookfield MO
PRES Dena Taylor Brookfield MO
PRES Tawnya Hardy Browning MO
PRES Jason Luster Bunceton MO
PRES Bobby Loving Cainsville MO
PRES Arlette Robinson Cameron MO
PRES Shaun Walser Cameron MO
PRES Phillip Sumner Carrollton MO
PRES Jessica Alvarez Chillicothe MO
PRES Ashley Blakely Chillicothe MO
PRES Marvalena Lambert Chillicothe MO
PRES Karla Moore Chillicothe MO
PRES Priscilla Myers Chillicothe MO
PRES Mary Parkes Chillicothe MO
PRES Jessica Scordel Chillicothe MO
PRES Olivia Lotven Columbia MO
PRES Caleb Bounds Country Club Village MO
PRES Jyssica Long Denver MO
PRES Lane Aldrich Excelsior Springs MO
PRES Kylie Cameron Gallatin MO
PRES Allison Gibson Gallatin MO
PRES Brooke Hatcher Galt MO
PRES Christine McCoy Gower MO
PRES Kristoffer Gilson Hale MO
PRES Brandon Cummings Hamilton MO
PRES Madison Huston Jamesport MO
PRES Bolanle Saliu Jos, Plateau State
PRES Jennifer Stock Kansas City MO
PRES Jessica Gunderson Kidder MO
PRES Stephanie Kemp King City MO
PRES Karen Zorn Kingston MO
PRES Victoria Redick Laclede MO
PRES Cynthia Smith Laclede MO
PRES Monica Ewigman Marceline MO
PRES Aaron Dowis Maryville MO
PRES Mia Nelson Maryville MO
PRES Cynthia Sullivan Maryville MO
PRES Lauren Bond Meadville MO
PRES Patrick Cole Newburg MO
PRES Samantha Miller Newtown MO
PRES Christian Crossgrove Queen City MO
PRES Katie Schweder Saint Joseph MO
PRES Chris Hayes Stewartsville MO
PRES Jillian Sinclair Tina MO
PRES Robert Beck Trenton MO
PRES Jacqueline Coleman Trenton MO
PRES Lillian Dryer Trenton MO
PRES Karson Hill Trenton MO
PRES Chelsea Howe Trenton MO
PRES Bobby Morgan Trenton MO
PRES Abigail Oneal Trenton MO
PRES Hailey Osburn Trenton MO
PRES Vanessa Pauley Trenton MO
PRES Brandy Roberts Trenton MO
PRES Randall Schroeder Trenton MO
PRES Maria Stevenson Trenton MO
PRES Avery Whitaker Trenton MO
PRES Ty Couchman Unionville MO

Named to the Dean’s List were:

DEAN Leslie McCampbell Albany MO
DEAN Macie Kinsey Belle MO
DEAN Elizabeth Easton Bethany MO
DEAN Amber Williams Bethany MO
DEAN Tiffany Wimberly Bethany MO
DEAN Dawn Chambers Bolckow MO
DEAN Nickolas Bradshaw Brashear MO
DEAN Todd Bourcard Brookfield MO
DEAN Kelsi Shoop Brookfield MO
DEAN Kimberly Chavez Browning MO
DEAN Chandra Bain Cainsville MO
DEAN Alisha Tyson Cainsville MO
DEAN Courtney Hensley Camden Point MO
DEAN Kayla Boyer Cameron MO
DEAN Zackery Duncan Cameron MO
DEAN Sarah Eldredge Cameron MO
DEAN Bobbi Hanrahan Cameron MO
DEAN Marah Johnson Cameron MO
DEAN Jordan Reddin Cape Girardeau MO
DEAN Quinten Adams Chillicothe MO
DEAN Olivia Hayes Chillicothe MO
DEAN Cherokee Lawson Chillicothe MO
DEAN Lauren Lee Chillicothe MO
DEAN Trevor Long Chillicothe MO
DEAN Ashley Myers Chillicothe MO
DEAN Lacey Nibarger Chillicothe MO
DEAN Jonathon Nolan Chillicothe MO
DEAN Allison Pagliai Chillicothe MO
DEAN Hope Peters Chillicothe MO
DEAN Jacob Stull Chillicothe MO
DEAN Cynthia Wheeler Chillicothe MO
DEAN Madison Jones Dearborn MO
DEAN Amanda Law Eagleville MO
DEAN Hayley Myers Easton MO
DEAN Lacie Groom Gentry MO
DEAN Kelsey Phinney Gower MO
DEAN Christopher Hoerrmann Green Castle MO
DEAN Holley Whiteman Hale MO
DEAN Joanne Baldon Hamilton MO
DEAN Gary Eads Jamesport MO
DEAN Ashley Neeley Jamesport MO
DEAN Emily Parks Laclede MO
DEAN Andrew Walters Laclede MO
DEAN Thomas Bowe Laredo MO
DEAN Jillian Jeswald Laredo MO
DEAN Rian Dunkin Lathrop MO
DEAN Sara Miles Leonard MO
DEAN Corrine Locker Ludlow MO
DEAN Jeremy Maddox Marceline MO
DEAN Kelsey Paalhar Marceline MO
DEAN Andrea Piatt Marceline MO
DEAN Jessica Browning Marshall MO
DEAN Haley Damgar Maryville MO
DEAN Deborah Oglesby Maryville MO
DEAN Miranda Wilson Maryville MO
DEAN Taylor Zimmerman Maysville MO
DEAN Erin Knifong Meadville MO
DEAN Collin Rardon Milan MO
DEAN Courtney McGhee New Hampton MO
DEAN Kolten Roan Novinger MO
DEAN Rebekah Hansen Pickering MO
DEAN Nancy Berwanger Princeton MO
DEAN Sassy Patterson Princeton MO
DEAN Abbey Wheeler Queen City MO
DEAN Terry Alexander Ridgeway MO
DEAN Mason Booth Ridgeway MO
DEAN Andrew Jackson Ridgeway MO
DEAN Kamilyn Matthews Saint Joseph MO
DEAN Jessica Parker Sedalia MO
DEAN Paige Blaine Sheridan MO
DEAN Kacey Smyser Sheridan MO
DEAN Jestin Tunze St Charles MO
DEAN Rebecca Harkins Tina MO
DEAN Marilyn Beaird Trenton MO
DEAN Janna Burkeybile Trenton MO
DEAN Matt Gaunt Trenton MO
DEAN Baylen Horner Trenton MO
DEAN April Johnston Trenton MO
DEAN Caitlin Kelsey Trenton MO
DEAN Christopher Sager Trenton MO
DEAN Alyssa Schultz Trenton MO
DEAN Samantha Shaw Trenton MO
DEAN Deri Stiles Trenton MO
DEAN Alexander Anderson Trenton MO
DEAN Megan Miller Trenton MO
DEAN Dustin Woelfle Utica MO
DEAN Jack Parker Winston MO