News Release


December 14, 2017

NCMC to Begin using ACT Superscore for Scholarship

North Central Missouri College will begin the practice of using an ACT superscore in addition to GPA to award the Board of Trustees Scholarship to students. The ACT was always a criterion for the scholarship, but now, students will be able to take the best of their ACT section scores and average for a new composite superscore. Allowing ACT superscores will broaden the pool of eligibility and make the process of awarding the Board of Trustees scholarship more seamless.

“We understand that not everyone is a great test-taker, that people have bad days, and that there’s an element of randomness in standardized testing,” said Dr. Kristen Alley, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs. “With that in mind, we also want to make sure students have every opportunity to access scholarships and other needed funding.  Our goal is to offer a high quality education, while not leaving students with high debt after they complete that education.  Utilization of ACT superscores is another tool we use to help us achieve that goal.”

Dr. Alley went on to say “We have been using ACT Superscores for some time, such as in course placement, so this is nothing new to us.  However, as we continue efforts to increase college access and affordability, NCMC will use the highest subscores to recalculate a new composite score.  This will essentially broaden the funnel of eligibility for institutional scholarships.”

More than 200 schools nationwide allow students to superscore for either SAT or ACT (The Princeton Review) including Missouri Western State University and Northwest Missouri State University. By using ACT superscores, NCMC will continue to increase affordability and ways to help students leave North Central Missouri College with a small financial burden.

To learn more about the Board of Trustees scholarship or ACT superscoring, please visit contact the NCMC Financial Aid Office at 660-359-3948 x1513.