NCMC Students attend Missouri Governor’s Student Leadership Forum

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NCMC Students attend Missouri Governor’s Student Leadership Forum

January 16, 2017

North Central Missouri College students Pharon Pilgrim of Curacao and Katelyn Galloway of Brookfield, Missouri attended the Missouri Governor’s Student Leadership Forum held in Jefferson City, Missouri. The Missouri Governor’s Student Leadership Forum brings together students from all over Missouri, with various backgrounds, to discuss influential leadership ideals, provide leadership training opportunities, and give students a chance to meet prominent Missouri leaders.


When Pharon came back from this event, he was “truly blessed” that NCMC chose him to represent at the forum. “Coming from Curacao, I still cannot believe that I’ve made it this far in the couple of months I’ve been here,” said Pharon. Pharon was able to meet Governor of Missouri Eric Greitens and State Representative Dr. Alan K. Green. Along with prominent leaders, Pharon also met with students across Missouri. When speaking of his experience meeting other student leaders, Pharon said, “I cannot wait to continue to being a part of their lives and to see how much these guys will bring to the world.” When Pharon was asked about what he learned he stated, “I’ve learned to acknowledge your strengths and accommodate your weaknesses. Additionally, sacrifice your own self for the people and take your family and friends with you because you need them as you go forward.”


Katelyn Galloway also joined and was “so honored to receive this opportunity to attend this Forum.” Katelyn expected the forum would be focused on Missouri Government but, she says, “I took away much more.” When Katelyn was asked about something that stuck out to her, she said, “One of the quotes that stuck out from this experience was “Build your strengths, and accommodate your weaknesses.” This statement changed my mindset of leadership” Katelyn went on to say, “the importance of surrounding yourself with a talented team and supportive staff to reach your goals. It was a life-changing experience where I learned so much about myself and the importance of humility towards others.”


Both Pharon and Katelyn hold leadership roles at North Central Missouri College, are actively involved in student organizations, and maintain a high standard of academics. To learn more about student leadership at North Central Missouri College, visit or contact Admissions at 660-359-3948 x1410.


Photo: NCMC Students Pharon Pilgrim and Katelyn Galloway recently attended the Missouri Governor’s Student Leadership Forum held in Jefferson City, Missouri.


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