News Release


North Central Missouri College Students Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa

October 18, 2017


26 North Central Missouri College students have accepted membership into Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) National Honor Society. 22 of those students were inducted at a ceremony held on the NCMC campus on October 18, 2017. Those members include: Brenda Bearpaw-Mead, Blue Springs, MO; Kyle Blanchard, Lucerne, MO; Jonathan Burnfin, Trenton, MO; Ashton Brockman, Brookfield, MO; Karli Crawford, Trenton, MO; Adrian Dodson, Novinger, MO;  Logan Easum, Cainsville, MO; Sarah Fountain, Gilman City, MO; Miranda Hurst, Oregon, MO; Mikhlyn Johnson, Saint Joseph, MO; Nicole Kost, Mercer, MO; Loureshca Liversage, Kearney, MO; Whitley Richman, Trenton, MO; Emily Sample, Mercer, MO; Trish Shaffer, Hamilton, MO; Andrew Smith, Chillicothe, MO; Ashlyn Stout, Unionville, MO; Taylor Swalley, Gallatin, MO; Avery Webb, Humphreys, MO; Brandy Wilson, Trenton, MO; Ralee Wilson, Trenton, MO; and Lindsay Wyatt, Mercer, MO.

NCMC PTK advisors are Maryellen Harman, NCMC History Instructor, and Megan Pester, NCMC Director of Advising and Retention.

“PTK is the world’s largest and most prestigious honor society for two-year college students.” To be eligible, students must be enrolled in an accredited institution offering an associate degree, completed at least 12 credit hours, have a 3.50 GPA or above, receive an invitation to join and adhere to the moral standards of the society. To learn more about the PTK program, visit

Photo: Left to right, Front: Kyle Blanchard (Lucerne, MO); Jonathan Burnfin (Trenton); Karli Crawford (Trenton); Lindsay Wyatt (Mercer, MO); Ashton Brockman (Brookfield, MO); Avery Webb (Humphreys, MO); Ashlyn Stout (Unionville, MO); Taylor Swalley (Gallatin, MO); Nicole Kost (Mercer, MO); Emily Sample (Mercer, MO)

Left to right, Back: KaAdrian Dodson (Novinger, MO); Logan Easum (Cainsville, MO); Sarah Fountain (Gilman City, MO); Miranda Hurst (Oregon, MO); Brandy Wilson (Trenton); Ralee Wilson (Trenton); Mikhlyn Johnson (Saint Joseph, MO); Loureshca Liversage (Kearney, MO); Whitley Richman (Trenton); Andrew Smith (Chillicothe); Brenda Bearpaw-Mead (Blue Springs, MO); Trish Shaffer (Hamilton, MO)