News Release


Nursing-To a Degree

November 9, 2017


Greetings from the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences!  We are eager to share the many exciting opportunities we provide to our nursing students.  We have recently revamped our approach to classroom learning.  Our faculty now utilize a “flipped” classroom model where students listen to pre-recorded PowerPoints posted on Blackboard and complete assigned text readings prior to attending class.  Class time is then spent on critical thinking activities including case studies, simulations and NCLEX-style questions.  Students are then able to apply the information they have listened to or have read into real-life situations.  These classroom sessions are recorded via Blackboard Collaborate so students can review the material at any time of their choosing and it helps them to be successful in their nursing courses.

We are utilizing the ExamSoft testing platform for our nursing exams.  Faculty can link specific exam questions to program outcomes to measure student success.  The psychometric tools ExamSoft provides allows a complete analysis of student performance on test items and exams.  Faculty can use this information to quickly identify students who are struggling so they can reach out and assist with remediation.  Overall class performance can be determined to identify if the class as a whole is mastering the student learning outcomes or if an instructional change is needed.

The nursing department continues to partner with Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) to provide readiness assessment, NCLEX pass prediction, supplemental learning material and mastery of content assessments.  ATI assists with the pre-nursing student entrance examination, the TEAS, and continues with our students all the way through their degree with post-graduate preparation for the NCLEX.  A new feature we utilize from ATI are video simulations which takes the student through a scenario and measures the student’s performance based on their response to application questions.  Faculty can gauge student performance and it provides the student with remediation for weak areas.

We continue to utilize our amazing simulation mannequins in our skills simulation lab.  These simulations are beneficial to introduce skills or situations that students may not be able to experience in the clinical setting.  Our mannequins are capable of various things from simple tasks such as palpating a pulse, completing a dressing change, or listening to lung sounds to more complex tasks such as endotracheal intubation, managing complex heart arrhythmias, and delivering a baby.

We promote lifelong learning with articulation agreements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with several universities including St. Luke’s School of Nursing, Western Governors University, and Central Methodist University with more articulation agreements in the planning phase.  Our graduates are able to be successfully be employed as a Registered Nurse while furthering their education.  This helps our graduates with improving their earning potential and contributing to a workforce that is experiencing a shortage in practitioners.

Our success rate on the NCLEX examination continues to remain high and has elevated the status of our program.  Our associate degree in nursing program was recently ranked as the third best program in the state of Missouri by based on our NCLEX pass rates.  We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to educate such great students and our students have a direct impact on our program’s overall success.   Our graduates are employed in a variety of healthcare settings and locations, from rural settings to metropolitan trauma centers.  If you are interested in becoming a nurse check our page on the NCMC website at