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Frequently Asked Questions 

When is tuition due?
Dates depend on the semester the student is attending and are set by Student Accounts. You can find out these dates by viewing your account on your myCOMPASS or calling 660-359-3948, ext. 1508 or 1513. A payment plan may be arranged through Student Accounts or the Cashier. For information regarding tuition and fees, visit our website at or call 1-660-359-3948, ext.1508 or 1513.

When do the residence halls open for the fall?
Students may view and print their schedules from the NCMC website via NCMC website their myCOMPASS account.

Where does my child go to get his/her class schedule?
Students may print their schedules from the NCMC website Click on the SAIL shortcut and follow the directions.

Who can my son or daughter call for a computer related problem, login,
password, or printer help?

Please call the Computer Services Help Desk at ext. 1214 for assistance.

What if my child is having trouble with an instructor?
Your student must set up an appointment or visit the instructor during office hours and talk with their instructor to expand communication. If an appropriate resolution is not reached, they can speak to the Division Chair and/or Dean.

Where does my child go if they need help in English, Math, Accounting, etc.?
They should see their instructor and/or visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) or Student Support Services (SSS). Both are located in Barnes Hall.

How does my child get informed about a weather emergency, i.e. severe thunder storms or tornado?
The student should sign up for the text service, Community Connection, on our website under the Services tab. They should also review the emergency evacuation plans posted in each classroom, residence hall, the cafeteria in Selby Hall and all other buildings on campus.

How can my child access his/her class schedule, grade report, financial aid award, and student bill?
By logging on to their  myCOMPASS account, a secure on-line program.

How will my child be informed of activities on campus?
"This Week @ NCMC" weekly electronic newsletter is distributed via email to all students & staff.

Where can I reach my child or leave a personal message?
Personal messages cannot be taken for students. Phone calls are not transferable to students in class. Know and discuss your son/daughter’s schedule. If there has been an emergency in your immediate family, we will check your student’s schedule and if the student is in class, the message will be delivered to them. If your
child is between classes, a message will be left for your child with their next instructor.