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Financial Aid Information 

A College Education Is Affordable

The average cost of a bachelor’s degree today is about $28,000. If you think you can’t afford college, think again. NCMC offers affordable tuition and a lot of financial aid opportunities. Compare the cost of attending NCMC to that of other colleges and you’ll discover a way to achieve big savings on your college education

NCMC’s Financial Aid Office administers scholarships, loans, grants, and work dollars to more than 80% of our students. The college offers a wide range of financial aid opportunities to help you achieve your educational goals. Scholarships, federal and state grants, low-interest loans, and work-study programs are ways students can obtain financial assistance.

We are especially proud to have more than $1.7 million in endowed scholarship funds through the NCMC Foundation – one of the largest scholarship endowments of any community college. As a result, the majority of students who apply for an NCMC Foundation Scholarship receive some kind of assistance.


Institutional Financial Aid Programs

North Central Missouri College provides a variety of scholarships and awards to recognize and assist students with exceptional academic ability and/or talent. Scholarships do not have to be repaid and are usually awarded on a competitive basis with scholastic achievement, individual accomplishments and/or financial need. Many scholarships are renewable if satisfactory grades are maintained and the student has continuous enrollment.


A comprehensive application form for all NCMC scholarships may be obtained electronically at, the NCMC Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office or requested by mail. Applications are accepted for consideration as long as funds are available; however, early application is advised since some funds are limited. The NCMC Scholarship Application must be submitted to the Financial Aid or Admissions Office by April 15.


Applicants must have completed the NCMC Admissions process to receive full consideration for the following fall term! Applications received after March 15 will be processed according to the availability of remaining funds.


For more information please contact:

Director of financial Aid & Veteran Services, ext. 1406
Financial Aid Advisor, ext. 1402
Federal School Code—#002514