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Tobacco-Free Initiative 

In an effort to provide a healthy, sustainable campus culture and productive work and learning environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors, the North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees passed a policy on July 27, 2010, to make NCMC tobacco free. 

Under the new policy, smoking and the use of all other tobacco products will be prohibited on the entire campus and Barton agricultural campus. Smoking will also be prohibited inside vehicles parked in campus parking lots.

The policy also applies to all College community members, including visitors and those attending athletic and campus events.

The College administration recommended the policy to the trustees as a result of a student

initiative.  The issue of second-hand smoke, litter and the general wellness and health of the student body had been raised by various student groups, and as a result, the Student Senate worked with the NCMC administration to develop a policy that addressed those concerns. 

As NCMC President Neil Nuttall stated, “This College continues to grow and is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment.  We see this policy as an investment in our facilities, our visitors and most importantly, our students and employees.”


Those students, faculty and staff who may be interested in seeking assistance to conquer tobacco, can access the Tobacco-cessation Programs for more information.

More information


Tobacco-cessation programs

  • Call 1-800-QUITNOW
    Telephone: 1-800-QUITNOW (1-800-784-8669)
    Internet address:  This is a toll-free telephone number that offers counseling and information about quitting smoking.


Once individuals re-learn life without cigarettes and become an EX, it still takes work to remain an EX. This web site provides methods to deal with stress and other big triggers, to be mindful of the places and things individuals need to be careful around, and provides additional resources that can help individuals stay an EX for good.

  • QuitNet
    Internet address:
    Comprehensive online quit-smoking service; offering tools and support needed to quit smoking and remain tobacco-free.

  • For Employees - Lisa Schilling, Ketcham Community Center Fitness Director, is available to work with employees, as part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan, to assist them with offerings through the NCMC insurance provider.  For more information, contact Lisa at: ext. 1457 or


To obtain additional information about classes, resources, and helpful information about smoking and smoking cessation, please click on the links outlined below:


Our Policy

7.2.20  No tobacco products are allowed on NCMC’s campuses.

For a complete listing of all NCMC Board policies, please visit:



The tobacco-free policy is a community health initiative. All members of the campus community serve to support and enforce this policy.

The first recommended step to enforce the policy is to inform the student/visitor that we are a tobacco-free campus.  The next step is to simply ask for compliance, i.e. “Would you mind putting your tobacco/cigarette away until you leave campus?”

As members working and learning together in a higher education setting, it is our hope to achieve voluntary compliance with the tobacco-free policy. While not preferred but if necessary, disciplinary actions for violations that are tailored to each constituency within the community may be implemented.



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