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Advising Tips for MU Transfer Students

Students transferring to MU – Columbia should be advised to take college algebra or higher rather than our statistics class. Another class will be required of them to demonstrate ‘math reasoning proficiency’ but it must have college algebra as a prerequisite. If a student were to pick that up here it would have to be a math class (finite math or pre-calculus for instance). MU has courses in other areas (such as symbolic logic and statistics) that have college algebra as the prerequisite course. If you have a student who is thinking about a major at MU that requires a stats class but no other math, then it is advisable that they only complete college algebra before transfer. If they wait and take stats at MU it will automatically fulfill the MRP requirement.

Also, students transferring with an AA should be advised that our English I will be elective credit only at MU. Students will have to take English II at NCMC before they transfer, and another (upper division) writing proficiency course which is typically part of their major, while they are at MU. Students transferring without the AA may have to take another lower level writing intensive (above proficiency level) course in addition to the upper division one.

Kim Houston at MU works with transfer students and can be reached at 573.884.9609.