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The following is a list of courses that satisfy the General Education Block and the Associate in Arts Degree requirements here at North Central Missouri College, as well as the requirements for the Elementary Education Program at Graceland. This guide is valid ONLY for those seeking the General Education Block or an Associate in Arts Degree.



NCMC General Education Core Curriculum-42 semester hours

Communications                                                                                                   9 Credits

EN 101 English I and

EN 102 English II and

SP 175 Speech


Mathematics                                                                                                          3 Credits

MT 121 Math Concepts (See Major Field Requirements)

Humanities and Fine Arts                                                                                     9 Credits

Choose three courses, one course from three of the four categories:

Fine Arts:  (one course required)


Fine Arts:

AR 104 Art Appreciation

MU 109 Music Appreciation

TH111 Introduction to Theatre


Choose two courses, one course from two of the three categories.


EN 211 Studies in Literature

EN 251 World Literature : Beginning to the Renaissance

EN 252 World Literature : Enlightenment to the Present

EN 261 American Literature Before 1865

EN 262 American Literature After 1865


Humanities/Cultural Studies:

HU 110 Humanities: Pre-Renaissance

HU 111 Humanities: Renaissance to Present

HI 101 Western Civilization to 1700

HI 102 Western Civilization Since 1700 (recommended)


Foreign Language/Philosophy:

FL 100 Elementary Spanish I

PH 101 Ethics

PH 102 Introduction to Philosophy

RL 101 Introduction to Religion


Social Sciences                                                                                                     9 Credits

HI 104 American History Since 1877

PL 216 National Government

PY 121 General Psychology


Life and Physical Sciences                                                                                  9 Credits

Choose one course from Life Sciences and one course from Physical Sciences.

Biological Sciences

BI 100 General Biology (recommended)


Physical Sciences

PS 101 Introduction to the Physical Sciences (recommended)



Managing Information                                                                                          3 Credits

BT 160 Microcomputer Applications I

General Education       42 Credits

Health and Physical Education                                                                           3 Credits

PE 105 Health Education

PE Activity Course


Military experience accepted with proper documentation for activity courses

Major Field Requirements                                                                                  18 Credits

ED 201 Teaching Profession with Field Experience†

ED 200 Foundations of Education†

EN 196 Literature for Children†

MT 110 Intermediate Algebra OR

MT 122 College Algebra

PY225 Child Psychology OR

PY233 Human Growth & Development

Advanced Composition*


ED265 Multicultural Education, ED 270 Educational Psychology and ED 285 Education of Exceptional Learners will transfer as meeting requirements for the Graceland program. Please confer with Site Director Jeanie Gibson before taking these classes at NCMC as it could impact financial aid status while attending the Graceland program.

If pursuing Title I certification, take PY 233 Human Growth and Development OR PY 225 Child Psychology AND PY 226 Adolescent Psychology.


Associate of Arts Degree for Graceland Students    63 Total Credits

†Course grade of C or better required.

*Advanced Composition is a Graceland class available on-line. If you have completed English 101 and English 102 with a grade of “B” or better in each class the requirement will be waived. Contact Site Director, Jeanie Gibson, at the number below for more information.


Elementary Education Program Information

Elementary Education coursework begins in the fall only. Please contact Site Director Jeanie Gibson at 660-359-3948, ext. 1288, to get on the prospective student mailing list or if you have any questions. Further information is available on their website at


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