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This formal program articulation agreement is made and entered into by Central Methodist University, Fayette, Missouri, hereinafter referred to as CMU, and North Central Missouri College, Trenton, Missouri, hereinafter referred to as NCMC.  By this agreement NCMC and CMU express a shared commitment to increasing opportunities for student access to and success in higher education.  By clarifying transfer policies and procedures, which assure articulation between programs, the institutions seek to assist students in making a seamless transfer from the associate to the baccalaureate degree.




This agreement provides NCMC students who have earned an Associate in Applied Science in Early Childhood the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Child Development at CMU.  Any North Central Missouri College student who has earned as Associate in Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood is guaranteed that CMU will accept designated freshman and sophomore early childhood credits and all general education credits and will apply such to the Bachelor of Science in Child Development in a manner consistent with the treatment of native students.




Section 1: Admissions and Matriculation


NCMC students maintaining continuous enrollment (as defined by the NCMC catalog) under this agreement will be afforded the same treatment and protection as CMU native students.


Criteria for acceptance into CMU’s Child Development program will be the same for transfer as for native students.


NCMC, upon written request of students, will provide transcripts to CMU’s admissions office.  The transcripts of students transferring from NCMC will be evaluated by the CMU Admissions Office and CMU’s Division of Professional Education.


Transfer students from NCMC will have access to financial aid, scholarships, and student services on the same basis as native students.



Minimum grade standards for academic progress and graduation from NCMC will be subject to no further review by CMU.


CMU students who matriculated from NCMC will be subject to the same academic progress and graduation standards as native CMU students.


Section II:  Transfer of Credit


CMU will accept all credits earned under this program articulation agreement.  NCMC transfer students under this program articulation agreement must earn a minimum of 55 credits from CMU to earn the Bachelor of Science in Child Development.


Associates of Applied Science Degree transfer students from NCMC, upon acceptance into the child development program, will have junior standing at CMU.


Section III:  Program Plan


Students pursuing this program articulation agreement will be responsible for successfully completing the following requirements.


Years 1 and 2 at NCMC:

  General Education (31 Hours)

EN 101            English Composition I                                                 3 Hours

SP 175            Public Speaking or

SP 170            Interpersonal Communication                                                3 Hours

PL 216             National Government or

HI 103             American History to 1877                                           3 Hours

xxxxxx                        Humanities                                                                  3 Hours

PY 121            General Psychology                                                   3 Hours

MT 122            College Algebra (may sub – Business math)             3 Hours

BT 160                        Microcomputer Application                                         3 Hours

xxxxxx                        Electives (Child Dev, Sociology, Psychology)           3 Hours

xxxxxx                        Biological or Physical Science with lab                      4 Hours


Early Childhood Development (38 Hours)

AH 223            First Aid & Emergency Procedures                            2 Hours

CD 112            Early Childhood Growth & Development CDA          3 Hours

CD 115            Professionalism in Early Childhood CDA                  3 Hours

CD 120            Preschool Administration & Management CDA         3 Hours

CD 140            Creative Activities for Children                                   3 Hours

CD 205            Child Health, Safety, & Nutrition                                 3 Hours

CD 207            Caring for Children with Special Needs                     3 Hours

CD 209            Preschool Literature                                                    3 Hours

CD 211            Music for Children                                                      3 Hours

CD 220            Language Development & Early Literacy                  3 Hours

CD 250            Child Care Observation                                              3 Hours

CD 260            Child Care Practicum                                                 3 Hours

SO 201            Marriage and the Family                                             3 Hours


Associate in Applied Science Degree        65 Total Credits

 Additional hours needed and may be completed at NCMC

MT 125            Elementary Statistics                                                  3 Hours


Years 3 and 4 at CMU

Coursework from Central Methodist University                          55 Hours


General Education (16 Hours)


Language Skills (3 Hours)

EN 306            Technical Writing                                                        3 Hours


Analytic Skills (4 Hours)

MA 224           Math for Elementary/MS Teachers                            4 Hours


Humanities (6 Hours)

(Choose 2 Courses from 2 Different Disciplines:  Fine Arts, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion)

3xx                  ____________________________                            3 Hours

3xx                  ____________________________                            3 Hours


Natural & Physical Science (3 Hours)

_____  ____________________________                                        3 Hours


Academic Major:  Child Development (16 Hours)


ED 306            Infant Toddler Curriculum                                           2 Hours

ED 307            Infant Toddler Curriculum – Practicum                      2 Hours

ED 315            Reading/Writing for Young Children                           4 Hours

ED 330            Curriculum Methods                                                   2 Hours

ED 331            Curriculum Methods – Practicum                              1 Hour

ED 332            Screening & Diagnosis                                               2 Hours

ED 333            Screening & Diagnosis – Practicum                           1 Hour

ED 337            Curriculum Development                                           2 Hours


Academic Minor: (17 Hours)

xxxxx  (Must include at least 15 hours of 300 level courses)         

Bachelor of Science in Child Development 124 Total Credits


Summary                                                                                  124 Hours


North Central Missouri College                                    69 Hours

                        General Education (31)

                        Early Childhood Development (38)


            Central Methodist University                                        55 Hours

                        General Education (16)

                        Child Development (16)

                        Minor (17)

                        Electives (6)


            Take Praxis II Examination #20021 in 7th or 8th Semester


            Total 300 Level Courses                                                40 Hours


            Total 300 Level Courses in Major                                 16 Hours


            Last 30 of 36 Hours with CMU                                     30 Hours              

            Grade Point Average                                                     2.0 Required


Annual Review and Renewal Process



Central Methodist University (CMU) agrees to provide coursework towards an undergraduate degree in Child Development and the Master in Education – Child Development Track to any qualified student from North Central Missouri College (NCMC) and/or employee from the Green Hills Head Start Program (GHHS).


CMU will provide to NCMC and GHHS a schedule of courses and teaching materials each semester no later than four weeks prior to the start of a new semester.


CMU agrees to visit the selected class site(s) to register students, advise, and provide financial assistance prior to each term.


CMU agrees to provide advising, registration, and financial aid assistance through any communication means.


CMU agrees to review NCMC/GHHS staff resumes and transcripts in order to provide a list of possible courses scheduled that NCMC/GHHS staff may teach.  CMU will work with NCMC/GHHS in order to coordinate use of instructors and will identify external faculty as needed.


NCMC/GHHS agrees to provide and/or assist in locating suitable classroom space and equipment at either no expense or reasonable expense to CMU.


NCMC/GHHS and CMU recognize that each student is responsible for his/her own financial obligation in relationship to tuition/fees.  Further, each student recognizes that he/she must work with CMU to provide and complete financial aid information in a timely manner.


NCMC/GHHS employees/students recognize that upon enrollment in the University that they are subject to the policies and procedures as outlined in the CMU College of Graduate & Extended Studies Catalog.


CMU agrees to remunerate faculty for instruction at the end of each course.


NCMC/GHHS and CMU will provide each other with the name of the person who will be serving as a contact person.  It is preferred that all communication and arrangements be made through this channel.


CMU with provide to NCMC/GHHS information regarding changes in tuition/fees as soon as the Board of Curators of CMU has approved such a change.


CMU agrees to provide a report of “in-kind” costs to NCMC/GHHS on a quarterly basis.


CMU agrees to provide coursework that meets the needs of the NCMC/GHHS students and expects the NCMC/GHHS students to take the coursework as provided.




This agreement is made and entered into in the academic year of 2005-2006 and remains in force unless changed in writing by mutual agreement of both parties.  The agreement may be amended at any time with the approval of both parties and is subject to regular review to assure currency with the respective degree requirements.  Should either party desire to discontinue this agreement, advance notification of two terms will be required.




North Central Missouri College (NCMC) and Central Methodist University (CMU) hereby enter into this program articulation agreement leading from the Associate in Applied Science Degree to the Bachelor of Science in Child Development by the affixing of signatures of the chief executive officers of both institutions.





_____________________________                               ______________

Dr. Neil Nuttall                                                                      Date


North Central Missouri College

Trenton, Missouri







_____________________________                               _______________


Dr. Marianne E. Inman


Central Methodist University


Amended 12-13-06 Students can choose one from NCMC courses: BT 110 (Business Math), MT 110 (Intermediate Algebra), MT 122 (College Algebra) or MT 125 (Elementary Statistics). The required MA224 Math for Elementary/Middle School Teachers offered through CMU will complete the math requirement for students.



____________________________________                                 ____________________

Rita Gulstad, Ph.D.                                                                   Date

Interim VP and Dean of the University                                                               

Central Methodist University


____________________________________                                 ____________________

Linda Flentje, M.S.                                                                    Date


North Central Missouri College