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NCMC offers students the flexibility of learning thorough several modalities that fit the learning style and schedule of today’s students. Distance Education at NCMC will help students further their higher education goals by providing a variety of courses and degree programs in both online and blended formats. NCMC offers an Associate in Arts degree and several Associate in Applied Science degrees that may be taken fully online or through a combination of online, blended and on-ground courses. 

Blended courses combine both classroom and online teaching and learning. Blended courses meet in the classroom on a regular basis and are supplemented with online lessons throughout the semester. Classroom attendance is mandatory for all blended courses.

Online courses are delivered through a course management system known as Blackboard that allows students 24/7 access to their courses (see below). Online courses do not require students to be online at specific times but students login on a regular basis at their convenience to keep up with course requirements, due dates, etc.
Online/Blended courses are as rigorous and demanding as classroom courses at NCMC. Students are expected to establish and maintain high levels of involvement and academic interaction throughout the semester.

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