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Set SAIL with NCMC's On-line Student Information System! 

The NCMC Student Academic Information Link (SAIL) is an on-line program used to access your transcript, class schedule, grade report, financial aid award, and student bill.

Logging into Your SAIL Account

SAIL operates in a secure environment. To enter the secure area of NCMC SAIL, you will need to log on using your NCMC Student ID or Social Security Number (SSN), without hyphens, and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Your Initial Student Information PIN

Your initial student information PIN for all SAIL options, except Registration, will be your Social Security Number, which must be entered without hyphens. You will be prompted to create a new PIN the first time you log on. Please keep PIN in a secure place!

Display and Print

With your student information PIN you may display and print:

  • Student class schedule
  • Student billing statement
  • Financial aid award
  • NCMC student transcript (includes all grades earned at NCMC)

Update Personal Information

The Address Verification page appears upon successful login. You may e-mail the Registrar’s Office from this location to change personal information such as address and major course of study. All name changes must be done in person or by mail and must be accompanied by a valid copy of a court order or marriage license.

Billing/Financial Aid

There will be a delay between enrollment and issuance of financial aid and billing. Information available on SAIL is dependent upon student's completion of the financial aid process and the NCMC billing cycle. Correct information may not appear for a term until 2 weeks prior to the published payment deadline for that term.

Student Services

You may use the personal calendar provided in SAIL. Once enrolled, your class schedule is displayed on the personal calendar on all meeting dates.

Student my update address and phone information with a link to the NCMC Registrar's e-mail.


On-line course registration requires a separate registration PIN. This PIN is issued to degree-seeking students enrolled in a current term at the time they see their advisors to plan the next term's schedule. On-line course registration is available only to continuously enrolled, returning students and only for a limited window of time each term.

Registration PIN's will not be given out by telephone. Students may request them from their faculty advisors in person or through their NCMC-assigned e-mail accounts.


Click here to log on to SAIL

We hope that you find the NCMC Student Academic Information Link (SAIL) easy to use. Should you need more help, please contact the Registrar at 660-359-3948 ext. 1205 or 1206.