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Q. Where do I go if I need to pick up my class schedule?

A. Students may print their schedules from the NCMC website. Click on the myCOMPASS shortcut and follow directions.


Q. What is the difference between withdrawing from a class and dropping a class?

A. Dropping

  • Occurs during the first week of fall/spring classes. Shortened during summer
  • Do not have to pay for class
  • Does not appear on transcript
  • May affect financial aid
  • Completed via myCOMPASS


  • Can occur after the first week of class
  • Deadline to withdraw
  • You must pay for the class
  • Appears on transcript as a “W”
  • May affect financial aid
  • Completed through contact made with the Registrar’s Office

*If a student does not attend class, it does NOT constitute a withdrawal.


Q. Who do I see to change my class schedule in some way, such as stop taking a class, changing classes, or adding another class?

A. When a class schedule change is necessary, you may add or drop courses through the Register tab in your myCOMPASS account. This must be done before the published add/drop deadline for the term. Textbooks may be returned to the NCMC Bookstore for dropped classes during theadd/drop period. Save your bookstore receipt and keep textbooks in original condition for full refund.


Q. I have decided to not finish a course and it is after add/drop deadline. What should I do?

A. Don’t give up yet!  Visit with your faculty to discuss your situation.  If you still do not want to finish the course, you may withdraw from a course by completing a withdrawal card in the Alexander Student Center or by sending an email to Registrar from your pirate email account to prior to the withdrawal deadline. The withdrawal deadline is published in the NCMC Academic Catalog, and in the academic calendar on the NCMC website. Please remember you will still pay for the course and a “W” will be recorded on your transcript.  If you are receiving financial aid, it could be impacted, so visit the FA Office prior to withdrawing. Notifying your instructor or not attending class does not constitute a withdrawal.

Please note that informing your instructor or failure to attend a class does not constitute a withdrawal. Withdrawing may impact your financial aid.


Q. Where can I find information about off-campus classes?

A. Course offerings are available on the myCOMPASS. Your can use the section search to find courses at your preferred site location.  Enter the location in the keywords box, choose teh semester, and then click search. You may click on the blue course number to view notes, including location of the course. Contact the Outreach Coordinator, ext. 1318, for more information.


Q. Who do I see if I need help in English, Math, Accounting, etc.?

A. Follow-up with your instructor is always encouraged. Students can also visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) or Student Support Services, both located in Barnes Hall.


Q. What if I'm sick or need to miss a class?

A. Notify your instructors by phone or e-mail ASAP and contact a classmate to obtain notes/assignments. Instructors set their own attendance policy; check the syllabus for each course. Keep in mind absences reduce the value of the learning experience and reduce the probability of passing the course. Students must participate in class during the first week of the term. If there is an extended absence over 3 days in length, visit with the Dean of Student Services. They can assist you in contacting your instructors and exploring options. Please keep in mind that there is no campus policy for “excused absences” and it is at the faculty’s discretion to allow make-up work.


Q. I'm having a problem with an instructor. What can I do?

A.Set up an appointment and talk to your instructor. If an appropriate resolution is not reached, then speak to the Division Chair and/or Dean of Instruction or Dean of Allied Health. Student appeal procedures and forms are available on our website.


Financial Aid

Q. How can I get financial aid information including Pell Grants, scholarships, student loans, veteran's benefits or Work Study?

A. Please visit the Financial Aid link on the NCMC website. The Financial Aid webpage has many forms and information that you will find helpful. You can also contact the Financial Aid Office at extension 1513 or visit them in the ASC, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Q. How do I know if my Financial Aid has been processed (paperwork has been completed)?

A. Please check your myCOMPASS account. Under my FINANCES, click on "View your personal financial information" and under Awards section, it will show as "accepted" and has been processed.  If you are missing paperwork, it will also be noted under my ACTION ITEMS.


Q. My Pirate Card shows that I have a $0 balance, but I have financial aid. Why isn’t it showing up?

A. Funds are not loaded onto Pirate Cards until September for fall semester, February for spring semester, and July for summer semester. You will receive an email once funds have been loaded onto your card.


Q. I don’t live in the residence halls. Why does my myCOMPASS account show that I am paying for room and board?

A. Click on "View your personal financial information".  Click on the Finances tab, under the Financial Aid section and then the Student Budget section, what you see are estimates for room and board.  This is merely to help you budget your money and not a charge on your student account.  Charges are reflected on the Statement tab.


Student Accounts

Q. Where do I pick up my student loan check?

A. Financial aid refunds are disbursed to the student’s Pirate Gold OneCard/NCMC Discover debit cards. Please visit Pirate Gold OneCard & Discover Debit Card frequently asked questions on the NCMC website for more information.


Q. Where do I pick up my Work Study or Mentorship paycheck?

A. Student payroll is disbursed on the 1st and 16th of each month to the student’s Pirate Gold OneCard/NCMC Discover debit cards. Please visit our frequently asked questions on the NCMC website for more information.


Q. When will Pell Grants be disbursed?

A. Pell Grant refunds will be disbursed to student cards at the end of the 4th week of each semester. Student loan refunds will be disbursed at the end of the 6th week of the semester.


Q. I am having problems with my Pirate Gold OneCard/NCMC Discover debit card. What do I do?

A. A list of frequently asked questions and resources are available on the NCMC website. You can also contact Student Accounts at ext. 1508.


Q. Where do I go to pay my fees or set up a payment plan?

A. Visit the Cashier’s Office in the ASC. Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can also contact Student Accounts at ext. 1508.



Q. I'm hungry. What's available on campus?

A. There is a full-service dining hall located in the lower level of Selby Hall. You can also visit the Cross Coffee House, located in Cross Hall. All locations are open to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Non-residential students also have the option of purchasing a meal ticket for Selby dining. There are also several restaurants nearby.


Q. A vending machine "ate" my money. How do I get it back?

A. If the vending machine is in any of the classroom buildings or the ASC, you can get a refund from the Director of Business (Frey Building) or the NCMC Library. If it's a machine in the Ketcham Community Center, contact the KCC Information Desk. Residence hall students should check with an RA or the Hall Director.


Q. I brought something to eat. Where can I go?

A. A microwave and tables are available on the third floor of Geyer Hall and in Cross Hall.



Q. I want to participate in intramurals or collegiate sports. Who do I contact?

A. Contact the Athletic Director at ext. 1409 for more information.


Q. How do I get involved with on-campus student activities and events?

A. Monthly activity calendars are posted around campus, on the NCMC website, and daily activity postings can be found on your myCOMPASS account under my ANNOUCEMENTS. Also, weekly events are posted in the “This Week @ NCMC” publication. You can contact the Director of Student Activities at ext. 1412 or the Residence Hall Coordinators at ext. 1470 and ext. 1480 for more information.


Q. How do I get involved in student clubs and organizations at NCMC?

A. There are many clubs and organizations at NCMC that would love to have you as a member! For more information, contact the Student Senate President, or attend a Student Senate meeting. Check your Student Planner (available for sale at the NCMC Bookstore) or college catalog for a listing of groups or visit with the Director of Student Activities, ext. 1412. Your area of study may also have an organization, advised by a faculty member, in that particular area. Contact them for more information.


Q. Where can I find the schedule of fine arts activities and concerts in the area?

A. Community activities are published in “This Week @ NCMC”. “This Week @ NCMC” is emailed weekly to students’ pirate email account and posted on the NCMC website.



Q. I would like assistance with gaining employment, learning how to write a resume and cover letter. Who can assist me?

A. Call the Career Services Coordinator at ext. 1407. You can also visit the Career Services link on the NCMC website for more information.


Q. How do I get a student ID card or replace an outdated card?

A. Student pictures are taken in the ASC. After your picture is taken, you can typically pick up your Pirate Gold OneCard from the Cashier’s Office (ASC) the next day. A current student ID is required to receive financial aid refunds and book buyback money, use printers and copiers on campus, access your meal plan (if you live in the residence halls), receive student payroll (if you are work study employed), check out library materials, gain access to the KCC, attend NCMC basketball games and other activities, or for free admission to events. The first card is free, but there is a $25 charge to replace a lost or broken card.


Q. Where can I find information regarding accessibility support services?

A. Contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator at ext. 1405. Please visit the Accessibility Support Services on the website for more information.


Q. I have a personal problem and am having trouble adjusting to college and its demands. What should I do?

A. College-life does require a transition that can be difficult. You can visit with the Dean of Student Services and they can assist you in exploring options available to you. Off-campus counseling services are also available. To schedule an appointment with the Dean, contact the Student Services Coordinator at ext. 1418.


Q. Where do I go to make a photocopy?

A. A copy machine is available in the Library. Student ID cards are required to make copies. Copies are charged to your printing account.


Q. What do I do if there is a weather emergency, i.e. severe thunderstorms or tornado?

A. Review emergency evacuation plans posted in each classroom, residence hall, the Selby dining hall and all other buildings on campus. If classes are cancelled, information will be communicated via area radio stations and text messaging. Visit the Community Connection link on the NCMC website to sign up for text messaging.


Q. I need to sign up to take a test (placement test, ATI Nursing TEAS, or Exit Test). Who do I contact?

A. Visit the Register Blast website to complete registration for a test. For other inquiries, contact our Student Services Coordinator at ext. 1418 or the Testing Coordinator at ext. 1407.


Q. How do I have my grades (transcript) sent somewhere?

A. Open the Request Transcript link on the on the NCMC website. You will have the option of requesting the transcript in writing or online. There is a fee to send transcripts and they cannot be released if you have an outstanding balance.


Q. Where can I find the policies and procedures of the College?

A. View the College Catalog available on the NCMC website.



Q. I need to find and/or checkout a book or magazine. What are my options?

A. You can find these resources in the NCMC Library, located in Geyer Hall. Books are located on the 1st and 2nd floor, and magazines are located on the 2nd floor. A student ID is required to check out books or magazines.

During the fall and spring semesters, library hours are: Monday through Wednesday, 7:30 am to 9 pm and Thursday and Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Summer and Intersession hours are posted on the NCMC Library webpage.   For more information call the NCMC Library at 660-359-3948 ext. 1325.

Students may also use the Grundy County Jewett Norris Library at the north edge of the campus. Students need to present a student ID and a class schedule in order to check out materials. Grundy County Jewett Norris Library hours are: Monday, 8:30 am to 7:00 pm; Tuesday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm; and Saturday, 8:30 am to noon. For more information call the Grundy County Jewett Norris Library at 660-359-3577.


Q. Can I sell back my books?

A. The NCMC Bookstore buys back selected textbooks at up to one half the purchased prices. Book Buyback occurs only during Finals Week. You will need your Student ID to sell back your textbooks.


Q. Where can I purchase books or other supplies?

A. In addition to textbooks, the NCMC Bookstore carries a complete line of supplies including pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, computer software, postage stamps, and nurses' uniforms for sale to students, faculty, and the general public. Students can also order items via the NCMC Bookstore website. The NCMC Bookstore is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mon.-Thurs.; and 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Friday except the FIRST AND LAST WEEK OF CLASSES when hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 60 6:00p.m. You must have your Student ID and your class schedule with you when purchasing textbooks.


Housing & Travel

Q. I have a question about student housing. Who should I contact?

A. Contact the Residence Life Director, at 359-3948, ext. 1412; Student Services Coordinator, ext. 1418, or Residence Hall Coordinators at ext. 1470 or ext. 1480. You can also view the Residence Hall webpage on the NCMC website.


Q. How do I find out if classes have been cancelled because of bad weather?

A. Cancellations rarely happen. However, it is a good idea to listen to your local radio station for any announcement if the weather is severe. Information will be communicated via area radio stations (Bethany KAAN 95.5FM, Brookfield KZBK 96.9FM, Cameron KKWK 100.1FM, Carrollton KMZU 100.7FM, Chillicothe KCHI 98.5FM, Gallatin KGOZ 101.7FM, Kirksville KRXL 94.5FM and Trenton KTTN 92.3FM) and text messaging. Visit the Community Connection link on the NCMC website to sign-up. The college's recorded phone message at 660-359-3948 should also confirm our closing.


Q. I received a parking ticket. Where do I go to pay it?

A. You MUST pay any parking ticket you receive. A failure to pay a parking ticket will keep you from being able to enroll, receive your grades or send a transcript. Parking tickets should be paid at the Cashier’s Office (ASC). Remember, designated parking spots are for specific purposes/patrons only and cannot be used for general student parking.