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Course Withdrawal Procedure 


Students have until the end of the published add/drop period to enroll or make schedule changes.  The period ends at the end of the first week of a fall or spring semester and at the end of the third day of the summer term.  Requests to leave classes after the end of the published add/drop period are considered withdrawals.

Tuition and fees for classes dropped prior to the published add/drop deadline will be refunded in full.  No refund is given after the deadline.


Enrollment Confirmation

Students who enroll late in the first week of the term should contact their faculty members and log on to Blackboard to complete any assigned coursework prior to the second week of the term. Faculty are required to report students who have not participated or attended class during the first week of the semester.  Financial aid awards may be reduced or students may be dropped from term enrollment for non-attendance.


Official Withdrawals

  • Students may initiate the withdrawal request by completing a withdrawal card at the Information Desk in the Alexander Student Center or by sending an email from the NCMC-issued email account to
  • A grade of “W” is assigned in classes when students withdraw.
  • Copies of all withdrawal cards are forwarded to the Financial Aid Office for review.


Unofficial Withdrawals

  • Faculty are required to submit a last date of attendance for any student who fails a class.
  • Dates are entered on the grading roster at the time final grades are submitted.
  • Students who stop attending prior to the end of the semester may be required to pay back all or part of any financial aid monies received for the term.


For further information, contact the Registrar’s Office at (660)359-3948, ext. 1206.

Rev:  9/14/2011