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Adjusting to College Life 

Having trouble adjusting to college?

You’re not the only one. In fact most people will experience problems with homesickness, stress or time management at some point in their college careers. Arm yourself with information and support to help you through difficult times. For most students the difficulties adjusting to college are temporary. A few, however, will need professional help to deal with a trauma (such as date rape), a mental illness (such as clinical depression) or suicidal thoughts.


Do you need support?

Family and friends who care about you are considered supports. Other supports could be the employer who will work around your college class schedule, the roommate who will listen when you’re feeling lonely, the babysitter who’ll work a little longer if you’re running late and the instructor who takes some time to get to know you. NCMC has two full time counselors who can help you identify and grow your support system.


Contact our counselor

Student Services counselors are available to assist with personal problems as the need arises. Counselors work with professional agencies and will refer students to these agencies if necessary. Students having questions or problems during the semester are encouraged to contact a counselor or advisor for assistance. All counseling relationships are confidential with the following exceptions:

  • When self or other harm is possible
  • When a student has given written permission
  • When child or vulnerable adult abuse is indicated
  • When specifically ordered by a court of law
  • When a student’s attendance is required as a result of a disciplinary action.

To contact an NCMC counselor call 660.359.3948 ext. 1404 or 1405. When the college is closed (after 4:30 weekdays) you can call the Mental Health Crisis Line. 1(888)279-8188 is answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Crisis Line staff are equipped to make referrals to local mental health centers as well. (Note: Hearing or speech impaired individuals should use 1.800.955.8339) If you prefer, you can always start with your family doctor and get his or her recommendations.